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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Randomness at its best…..

I've had my last coffee ever today. I can't take the after coffee bref. Tic Tacs can only do so much.

I see AI ending up like this:
4) Elliott
3) Katherine
2) Chris
1) Taylor
Remember when they showed Taylor during the first round of auditions when he was in line? They played it like he was some sort of freak. Little did they know the dude had some talent. Kellie we haven’t forgotten about you.

I wanted to put the boots to this guy at Jewel on Sunday. He was taking forever to get a dozen donuts out of the plexiglass case. I felt like yelling at him, “They are friggin donuts just pick 12 and get out of my way.” Then of course I got stuck behind him at the self check out which he couldn’t figure out either. There should be a minimum IQ need to use the self checkout because there are a lot of people using them who aren’t smart enough to figure them out. Admit it you’ve seen them yourself and if you haven’t I’m probably talking about you.

Guitar Hero has really kicked up my dork factor, as if that was possible.

I think even if Bonds hadn’t had the whole steroid deal I still wouldn’t care about him passing the babe. He’s still a dick steroids or not. Last night in Milwaukee he got a foul ball off his forehead as he was standing behind the batting cage before the game. If I was there and saw it first hand I’d still be laughing about it today.

I swear I’m not channeling a Larry King column from USA Today.

I hope Reggie Bush does well for the Saints. Aside from some things with possibly dealing with an agent too early I think he’s a good kid. Plus the city needs something to cheer for as they’ve obviously had a rough year.

Try Garlique it’s the garlic supplement for improved health without the odor. Garlique it’s the one to trust.

I’m going to check about coaching soccer this fall. I can’t take standing around at practice and even though the coach is doing better this spring it’s still not that great.

I’ve become entirely too picky when it comes to the ladies. Its almost sickening.

There was a midget joke on Robot Chicken a few days ago. It was about "When a giant midget attacks!" I laughed at it and then felt a little bad laughing about it later. Geez I hope I'm not getting soft since midgets are still pretty damn funny.


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