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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Eh whatever

A few quick notes:

Version 2 is ready for the big ‘rasslin show this weekend. We’re probably going to see the movie Hoot since he read the book and my mouth wrote a check saying that we’d go see it.

The tickets for the Cleveland Indians game have been ordered we just have to set up the hotels and stuff and we’re good.

I have a new crush Erin Andrews from ESPN. She does sideline type reports but I hadn’t seen her before until last nights Yankees/Red Sox game. I guess she also does college basketball too, I don’t follow that too much since I graduated for some reason. You can see Erin in all her ESPN glory here: http://bios.espn.com/talent/erin_andrews

Raw is getting really stupid. Yes I’ll probably still watch because there isn’t anything better on Mondays.

I got Guitar Hero this past weekend and I’m not addicted yet but it is a pretty damn fun game no matter how stupid it seems.


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