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Monday, July 24, 2006

Read this and realize….

what a bore my life has become. This weekend was actually generally pretty crappy, nothing bad happened but nothing really too great either. Friday I had to go and get a new wallet since the part that my cards and stuff are in tore in my old one. It didn’t take too long to find a new one at Kohl’s. I also picked up a Where the Wild Things Are shirt (because that book rules) and a Family Guy one with Peter that says “Everybody Loves a Big Guy”, its true isn’t it? Saturday I went and saw the fantastic Clerks II, a nice little extension of the first one and quite outstanding. This is one movie that you can leave the kids home for. Rosario Dawson she’s a hottie. If there’s one thing to remember from the movie sometimes its alright to go….well never mind.
Sunday ran out to Target and picked up some stuff and watched a movie that Jason said I should watch called Stevie on IFC. It was an interesting flick by the same guy who did Hoop Dreams. Then that night I watched my usual Entourage, Lucky Louie, and the last Tourgasm.
Seriously I have bad, bad, bad insomnia the past week or so. It’s over some really stupid crap that I really can’t do anything about anyway. The likelihood of anything actually happening that is keeping me awake is slim to none. Its nothing bad but it just when I get in bed my mind begins to wonder. If you really want to know ask and I may tell you what its about and I may not.
Its boring do nothing weekends like this that I realize I need a chick to hang out with again. If you’re reading this help a brother out for Pete’s sake!


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