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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Looks like I’ll be channeling Larry King again for this entry:

VH1 has a new show called the “World Series of Pop Culture” trying to find a team of three in a tourney format that is the best in the nation. Honestly the show is incredibly easy. I saw two episodes last night and the only category I didn’t own was one on British pop music because well….it sucks. I called my brother and if him, my brother in law and I got together as a team we could win the thing. The brother in law is a nice compliment to our pop culture chops with his sci fi pop culture knowledge. Thumbs down VH1 on making this show so easy.

Pimp My Ride started a new season yes I’m 33 and still watch Pimp My Ride and they aren’t using West Coast Customs anymore. They have a new garage doing the stuff and the dude running the garage comes across very “douchy”. They still have the same electronics guy from West Coast though. The new garage is Galpin Auto Sports. I just don’t think that, “Let’s take it to Galpin Auto Sports!” has the same ring as “Let’s take it to the West Coast!” Added negative the new garage has some of the ugliest shirts I’ve ever seen and everyone on the show has a dumb gimmick it seems. They have one guy with big spikes in his hair who looks like a complete tool.

I’ve noticed something about Chicago’s own John Cusack. Seems like in a lot of his movie the long coat always plays a part. Two in particular come to mind, Say Anything and the recently viewed Must Love Dogs which wasn’t as bad as advertised. I’ve also noticed that for some reason every movie that John Cusack is in seems to mirror my life one way or another. I’ve never owned a vintage record shop or stood outside a girls window with a boom box playing Peter Gabriel, well there was that one time but the court said I had to stop doing that. It sad to admit your life has turned into a John Cusack movie. Good thing my sister isn’t as annoying a Joan Cusack, she’s pretty close though…ZING!

Can we get either Dermot Mulroney or Dylan McDermott to change their names. I always gets these two dudes mixed up.

That’s all I got go see Clerks II the weekend of the 21st.


  • I've been loving WSOPC too. Myself and a guy from work need a good third, and I seriously think we couldn't be stopped.

    By Blogger Ken, at 2:49 PM  

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