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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

24 Observations

Yes I realize that this is about 3 years too late, give me a break I watch other stuff Monday nights and did want to get hooked so I never started watching them the first time they were on. I have seasons 1-3 right now and have made it half way through season 2 so far. Here's some observations:

1) David Palmers wife/ex-wife what a evil (you know what) she is huh?
2) Sure Kim Bauer is nice to look at but her 2nd sesason storyline is boring. The only good thing to come out of it so far is a appearance by "Johnny Drama" of "Entourage" fame. Even though I think she's going to end up in his makeshift bomb shelter eventually. Kim just run around and look pretty but I don't really care about the little kid.
3) When I become President I'm going to set up a Counter Terrorism Unit and name myself head of it. Just beacuse I can.

I'm only up to 9:00pm on Season 2 so more stuff is due to hit the fan of course.


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