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Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend rewind

Sort of a standard uneventful weekend except the weather was good.

Friday-night I had v2 because his moms had to work late, so I picked him up. We didn’t do much because soccer was starting on Saturday morning.

Saturday-the soccer team played alright for their first game of the spring season out of the box. Ended up being a 3-3 tie, they had opportunities to win but went down early and came back to tie it. After the game v2 went with his mom and I went over to see Hot Fuzz. Its pretty funny along the lines of a tribute to all those action flicks of the past, particularly Point Break and Bad Boys II. Then Saturday night watched the boring UFC 70 and the Nascar race which was also pretty boring.

Sunday-went to church, watch Cards/Cubs, The Sopranoes, and Entourage. Other than that not much.

Line of the weekend--I was talking about how much salt was in these sandwich things. V2 says, “Oh I like salt, I don’t eat too much of it though. Salt is my favorite mineral.” Salt isn’t his favorite seasoning he has to go all nerd on it and call it his favorite mineral. The kid is a gem.

Next weekend is soccer, a show in Chicago Ridge, and church.


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