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Monday, January 29, 2007

Well it wasn't a disaster...

The little thing that I though might have been a dating disater last weekend wasn't too bad actually. While technically I wouldn't call it a date, it was one of those stupid let's get coffee type deals, it didn't go too badly. Trust me I've had it go much worse. We hung out for almost two hours talking and stuff and there were some parts of my life I wish I would have played closer to the vest. Two in particular, first my love of bad music and secondly my love of seeing people falling down. Honestly I don't know how my love of terrible music came up but I admitted to some things that I probably shouldn't have. Namely that I saw the Club Dance MTV tour back in high school and Gerardo (Rico Suave) was on the lineup. At least it wasn't Milli Vanilli which I beleive was on the tour before the one I saw. Okay you're wondering now who topped the concert? C&C Music Factory and Tony Toni Tone (Their hit was called "Feels Good', not really a bad song). Once it was out there I just had to cut loose on all the bad music that I like, I was prettyy much on fire. I think she was laughing with me, who knows she may have been laughing at me. Then the love of people falling down came out when I saw a guy take a near fall out of the corner of my eye with a drink and a pretzel. I had to turn to my left to stop from laughing at the guy and had to explain why I had to shift. Turns out that apparently she has a weak spot for laughing at people falling down. She travels a lto for work so we haven't been able to set up a "real date" yet but early next week we'll get that in gear.
Then that Saturday night my brother and I went to see Lil Jimmy Norton at Zanies in Vernon Hills. Damn that guy is funny. Lucky Louie the HBO show he was in comes out on DVD ON 1/30, get it at Best Buy and you get the Louis CK One Night Stand for free with it. I may go see Rich Voz another O&A regular at the Improv at Woodfield in the middle of February.


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