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Monday, December 11, 2006

Two choices and neither one is nice....

A little Monday morning conversation around this story from the NY Post:


December 10, 2006 -- Police and firefighters yesterday rescued a Long Island man who had been trapped in his bedroom for four days after piling up a 7-foot-high mountain made up of bags of his own feces, jars of urine and other debris.
An officer responded to Charles Ruoff's dilapidated home in Centerport around 3:30 a.m. after receiving an anonymous 911 call asking police to check up on the 64-year-old veteran who hadn't been seen in days.
As he explored the house, the cop heard Ruoff calling weakly from a second-floor bedroom where he had walled himself in with a mountain of his own filth. He said he had been trapped since Tuesday.
The Centerport Fire Department freed Ruoff using heavy rescue equipment.
Ruoff was taken to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Northport where he was treated for dehydration, hypothermia, bedsores and general weakness, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Donner said.

Okay here's the question death is not an option. In order to live you have to either
a) keep your own urine in jars
b) keep your poop in bags
Discuss and you can post your choice in the comments.

I go with the urine one. I think a jar of urine would keep longer than a bag of poop. Sure the poop would eventually dry out in the bag but if that rips you're in trouble. Plus I can't imagine how nasty it would be to poop in a garbage bag.


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