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Thursday, February 08, 2007

V2 birthday shindig and other stuff

Last night we went out with v2 for diner and he put on another show. Half a rack of ribs, the kid just turned 10 and can really house it now if he wants to. I honestly have no idea where the food goes because the kid is rail thin. I’m about 95% sure he’s jumped off the kids menu now.

In unrelated news I finally got on the 24 bandwagon, and yes its six seasons too late I realize. V2 got me season 1 on DVD for my birthday and I’ve watched about half of the season so far. I think it is having an effect on my life. Two nights ago I had a dream where it was very 24-esque, with the pictures of things happening at the same time on the screen at the same time. Fox has me roped in to getting the rest of the seasons now. . Jack Bauer is pretty much the shit


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