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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Last night I took v2 out for dinner

and he took me to the cleaners. We went to Lonestar for steak because that's what men do we eat dead animals. Anyway v2 says that he wants to get steak and I asked him if there was a kids steak on the menu since last time I thought there was. Well now there isn't and here's where it gets pricey. He looks at the big menu and sees something that is described as having bacon with it. Of course he wants filet mignon, and sure I said okay. The waitress takes our order and we ordered an appetizer and the steaks come with soup and a potato item. After Nate gets done ordering the watiress just smiles at v2. I give her this "eh waht can you do?" look. She brings out the food and every time she passes the table she just grins at v2 totally housing it on the steak and everything. I take him home and tell his mom what he ordered and she said why did you let him order that and v2 says, "because Dad's nice." When I though about how he answered that this morning when I woke up I have to tip my cap to v2 with comeing up with a good cheesy answer. I guess since v2 is the carter member of my fan club I can afford to buy him a little filet mignon every once in a while. I figure I can get another 5 or 6 months out of last night by riding v2 about the filet mignon at opportune times. For my birthday I got the first season of "24" yes I realize I'm what 6 seasons behind, don't you judge me. I've never seen a minute of the show but every time I see a commercial for it I think, "why am I not watching that show?" Well now I can start watching from where it began.

Going to pick up the Zune today after work, I' ve been researching and obsessing over this purchase for like two months now.


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