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Friday, August 03, 2007

Quick thoughts on the trip to DC.

--The ladies of the northern Virginia/DC area are absolutely lovely. Keep on keeping on ladies.

--I went through more metal detectors in the week I was out there then I have gone through in my life. Something got screwed up somewhere though because now I set off the security things when I go into stores. I think I gained some unheard of super power and that is what is causing them to go off. I thought it was my phone but its not since the one at Jewel went off this morning and I didn’t have my phone with me. I promise to use my super powers for only good though.

--Not surprisingly the security around the Capitol was fierce. It was nice to see as I think it should have always been that way.

--George Washington was the world’s first version of Jack Bauer.
George Washington - -The Original American Bad Ass
Went to Mount Vernon and I sang Dusty Rhodes “Common Man” entrance music while waiting in line.

--Brazilian chicks are really hot, not as hot as you DC area babes though ladies!

--The Metro in Washington DC was a lot cleaner than I expected it would be. Even a little better off than the St. Louis metro

--The Washington Nationals have the President’s race at every home game. It is by far the greatest thing in Major League Baseball today……hands down.

--Saw one weird guy by the White House but he left before the cops would have dealt with him

--The Washington DC/northern VA area was nice enough I would live there.

I’ll post some pictures once I take them to get developed, so it will be a little while.

P.S. Any lovely northern Virginia ladies want a little Midwest love let me know, because Virginia Is for Lovers.

P.S.S. I’m starting the program when I get back from Minnesota. I’m going to make Mickey proud.


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