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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I have to mention this because I notice these things

On the 5:00pm newscast last night Anna was wearing the same orange shirt (not the orange and white one I referred to before) for the second time in less then like 3 weeks. I notice these things because I care Anna really. I'd like to take you and Ginger Zee out for a nice dinner. We could discuss out mutual love for the color orange.

In other news my ankle is completely screwed up. I sprained it playing softball last Thursday really bad. This is really a hard time in my life because at this time I'm going to have to announce my retirement from my lucrative left ankle modeling career. Its been a great run and I've literally made millions and my left ankle has been part of some of the greatest advertising campaigns ever but it appears as I may have to call it a career. Please be strong with this decision as it was a difficult one for me. Who knows in the future I may make it back in to the cut throat left ankle modeling game.

I went to the acute care place it was so bad, haven't gotten the bill yet but I bet it will be around $1200. I think it will be at least two more weeks before I can play softball again. My ankle area is now basically a bruise from about two inches on top of my ankle to the bottom of my foot.


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