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Monday, August 18, 2008


From Variety:

Warners whips up Banana Splits
Classic kiddie show gets a modern makeover
'The Banana Splits'
Warners consumer products division has whipped up a new version of the Banana Splits.
Hanna-Barbera’s 1960s phenom is returning in a multiplatform effort starting Sept. 2, with shorts and musicvideos airing on
Cartoon Network and its website. Future efforts will include DVD and audio CD releases, as well as live performances.
Turner Animation’s Stu Snyder noted that the Splits have “been entertaining kids for years,” but the return of the property will capitalize on boomer nostalgia as well. “Go Bananas Your Way,” the new Splits album, is “intended to appeal to kids and parents,” according to the release.
Bingo, Drooper, Fleegle and Snorky’s Web presence is targeted at 4- to 7-year-olds, and the live entertainment will include a section of Myrtle Beach, S.C.’s, Hard Rock Park, to be dubbed Banana Splitsville and devoted to the cartoon characters.
Nostalgic revivals of vintage properties are a dicey proposition when it comes to new content, but elderly brands like “Mr. Men” have found surprising support in lifestyle products such as T-shirts and accessories that preserve the original art for sentimental fans. Accordingly, Warners will release apparel, games and books as well.

Warner Brothers please don't screw this up. I LOVED this show when I was a kid.

--Site reated news yes the South Dakota recap will be here by the end of the week.


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