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Friday, June 19, 2009

Return of the bad list

September 20, 2006 was the last time I had to update this list. Go ahead check your calendar I'll wait. We have another addition to the

F#ck-o List

F#ck-o list.....another addition

Backgournd and past additions to the list can be found here:

Welcome to the list......Bank of America. Here's the story I paid my bill last month online, no big deal I do it all the time. Admittedly I screwed up a bit and paid the thing short by $3. The payment was completely on time aside from that and posted before the due date. The money was taken from my account on 6/2/09. I get a letter from the today dated 6/11/09 stating that I missed a payment. I knew I made the payment and went to go check the statement online. Yep I made the payment and it went through on the 2nd. Then I look at the statement from Bank of America and it shows the credit plus a late charge of $39. No the payment was not late, sure it was $3 light because I'm an idiot but in no way it was late. I give Bank of America a call and the guy admits that they should not of charged the $39 late charge sicne it was on time, albeit short by 300 pennies. Just for wasting my time Bank of America you've made it to the f#ck-o list. But in an unprecedented move I will be moving Washington Mutual off the list because they were bought by my current bank. Bank of America you're coming in at #5 on the list.

My personal f#ck-o list
1) Rockenbach Chevrolet
2) Craphole One a.k.a Capitol One
4) TCF Express
5) Bank of America


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