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Monday, June 14, 2004

Fun with accents/random thoughts/channeling Larry King in USA Today/Yes I’m also a marketing lemming

Well in my ultra exciting job I have added a new twist. I figure since I speak with these people only once a year I figured on voice mails I leave I’m going to throw a little accent on it. Just a slight south of Chicagoland twang but I’m not talking deep south accent just a little one. Next voice mail I leave I’m going to leave it as Christopher Walken would. “Yes I’m calling about your extended maintenance….agreement. It’s about to…expire and that would be a shame really. (Okay Walken speak doesn’t translate well to the written word)
What did people do at work to jack around before Al Gore invented the internet? I mean calling your friends can only take up so many hours in a day.

A dog eating peanut butter, if you haven’t see it you must it is real comedy.

How do the Amish have furniture stores? I know they make furniture but how does it get to the stores? I’ve never seen a pack of horses pulling a big rig full of armoires, I would like to see it though.

In Illinois all the casinos have to be on a body of water. There is a casino on East Saint Louis on the Mississippi which is going to dig a giant moat and put the boat in it. I never really understood this. What is the difference between gambling on the water and gambling on terra firma. Whoa what happens chained up to a dock on a river boat on the Mississippi stays on the boat chained up to a dock on a river boat on the Mississippi. In case you were wondering the governor of Illinois still has the worst hair of any public official in the nation……that’s right the ENTIRE nation.

I’m not only a corporate whore but also a marketer’s wet dream come true.
Yes I will try any new product once so marketers love me because I’m a guy in that highly coveted age group and will try any new product once. Now if I think a product has made no improvements and claims to be “new” I will take a pass at it, I’m not that big of a goof. Two of my most recent new item purchases:

Coca-Cola C-2: this is a beverage what has half the sugar and half the carbs of regular Coke. I’m not worried about sugar or carbs so why would I try it? Apparently you weren’t paying attention because I said I’m a marketers dream. As for C-2 honestly I’m not a big Coke guy and I couldn’t really tell a difference between the two which is what they are shooting for. I would not be a regular buyer of C-2 but its alright nothing to be scared of.

Gillette Mach 3 Power: Gillette has upped the ante in the shaving wars again with a triple bladed handheld razor that has a little motor in it. Sure it’s a little pricy for a hand held razor (between $13-$15) but it’s a damn good shave. Why would I try this product? Apparently you weren’t paying attention yet again because I said I’m a marketers dream oh and yeah I do shave. The gist to the razor is that these pulses its send the razor helps lift up the hair to be shaved. It actually works very well and you can tell a difference while you are shaving. This may sound odd but besides the bussing the razor makes the sound of the shaving actually sounds different. I would give it a thumbs up.


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