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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Phone, where art thou?

Well as I sit here at work I found out recently that I will be moving to the education division and covering accounts in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. While it will be a tad more interesting than what I’m currently doing it just not enough chedda. Like I’ve said so many times before romance without finance is a damn nuisance. Once I get this week wrapped up the hunt will again begin in full, I was getting some other stuff done and had to put it off for about a week. Needless to say this corporate whore needs to look elsewhere for employment. Don’t get me wrong I’m not all about the money, I’m just about making more money than I am now.
On the personal side things are going pretty well. The boy and I are going to a Brewers game this week since they are giving away some Spiderman 2 schwag at the game. Boy is going to flip out when he sees it, a Spiderman mask and a giant foam finger shaped like Spiderman’s hand shooting a web. Honestly I am looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out. Since the X-Men movies I’ve liked most of the superhero movies, Daredevil was a little sucky and too a lesser extent so did The Hulk.
Last Thursday night coming home I stopped to get something to eat at the BK in Wauconda. They screwed up the drive thru order so I had to run inside. Then I had to stop and get gas outside of Fox Lake. Friday morning comes and I wonder, “where on earth is my phone?” I was pretty sure I had brought it in from the car but couldn’t find it. I think it was stolen either when I ran into BK or went to pay for gas. If it was stolen when I was in BK I’m PO’ed because the Rodeo cheeseburger I went it to get wasn’t that good anyway. Stupid minimum wage high school student not giving me all my order. I called the ex-wife to tell her not to call the cell, I had to pick up Nate that night, since I didn’t have it and thought it may have been stolen She asked if I had deactivated the number and I said no and she said I should, see even good can come from evil. Anyway I call up Nextel and deactivate the number and had to get a new phone. I basically didn’t have a phone for about 36 hours and felt…..so…...very…..vulnerable. As an aside if you are reading this Chris I still don’t have your phone number. That was the drama that was in last weekend but no drama thus far this week.


  • What can I say, I'm a slacker. Call me and I'll give you the number.

    By Blogger Chris, at 6:39 PM  

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