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Monday, June 14, 2004

Weekend recap 6/14

Finally got the phone all figured out after roughly a week sans cell phone. It was not fun. The guy at Nextel thanked me for being cool about it because if I wanted to I could have been a real dick about it. I figured he’s not the one who made the phone that was a piece of crap, Motorola did. Since my sister use to work at Motorola I blame her. She may have not had a direct effect on my phone being manufactured badly but I think her legacy carried on. The phone is back and its alright I liked the little bigger screen on my other phone but I like the size of the new one. What you didn’t expect me to have something to complain about?
Well here’s the big weekend recap. Friday I had off work to take the boy to the Brewers game in not surprisingly enough Milwaukee. It was just not a regular Brewers game but one that Sony Pictures put a lot of money into because it was Spiderman 2 give away night. The giveaway was a foam Spidey hand that was shaped like he was shooting a web and a paper Spiderman mask. Well we’d been there a while and there were a quite a few boxes of the hands left so I told the boy to go talk to the lady and he may be able to sweet talk her out of another one. A mere 20 seconds later and he had another Spidey hand, he got that gene from me. Yes we both are jacked up to see the movie and the preview they showed did look pretty good. They played a new version of the Spiderman song by the old time sounding dude Michael Bouble (you know who I’m talking about) I don’t listen to the guy but it sounded pretty cool, very Sinatra-esque. While I’m on the subject my CD pick of the week is the CD by Los Lonely Boys. They are a trio of brothers from Austin Texas I believe and are pretty good. They call their music Texican rock, its kind of a less guitar rock ZZ Top with more melodies. Pretty good stuff check it out you won’t be disappointed.
Well Saturday I decided to go back to Milwaukee (I know I’m a glutton for punishment) and it was Scott Podsednik bobblehead night. Yeah I’m a semi bobblehead mark so I paid my $10 for a obstructed view seat and went to the game. I stood for most of the game on the third base side and watched a bunch of drunk guys stand up for about two innings while insults and “Sit down!” was being yelled at them. Alcohol + large crowds of people=good times. Here’s a little tip if you are looking for a little free picnic chairs or other related items. Simply go to a weekend game at Miller Park and leave before the game ends the people who tailgate up there don’t put their stuff away they just go into the game. Free camp chairs for everyone!!! One note on Friday & Saturday in Milwaukee this one in particular to the Milwaukee CVB or mayor of Milwaukee, (I'm sure the head of the Milwaukee CVB & mayor are regular readers) that Miller plant stinks up the city like you would not believe. I can’t even describe the smell of them making beer, its just wrong. I never catch that smell when I’m in St Louis must be due to the wind blowing the right way. On a somewhat related note nice commercials by Bud about Miller wanting to be “President of Beers”, technically they can’t be Pres since they were bought by a South African brewery, good point Bud. Is it as frightening to you as it is to me how much I’ve thought of the President of Beer race? Yeah I though so to.

Did you ever have a boss you just wanted to kick right in the nuts just out of spite?

Yeah me too.


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