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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Woomp there it is.

Yes he wrote back and I rambled and rambled and rambled on. All typing and crimes against the English langauge are intended. Yes I am over using LOL! for no apparent reason. I want this guy to lie about knowing about Seinfeld.

Dear Friend,

How are you and family?

I am happy to receive your mail and your interest to assist me in this transaction and to realize it to ourselves. I will like us to put things straight before i tell
you what is to be done. In the first place, i work in the same bank where
this fund emanated and found floating in a fix depoite account of one of
our deceased customers.

The bank is about returning the money to it's treasury for use since nobody
is coming forward to claim the money on behalf of the family members of the

For sure, if the bank returns the money to their treasury account for it's use, nobody has right again to put claim without a legal backing. I decided to contact you to put forward an application for the claim on behalf of the
family of the deceased. You will forward an application as the business
partner or the next of kin to the deceased. I will forward this application
form which you should state your account details and instruct the bank to
pay the money there.

I will be in the bank and evrything about the approval and transfer will be
monitored from the beginning to the end. I will give you every information
about the deceased and i assure you of 100% risk free. You will not show
yourself to the bank, infact,i will be by your side.

However,I want you to assure me of your full cooperation and promise that you will not betray me. Reasure me of your sincerity and trustworthiness to
stick to our agreement. You should not deny me of my share when the money
enters your account.

Why i am demanding all these from you is that i am sure that if you follow
my instructions and obey the bank's directives, sky is our limit in this
transaction. Everything has been packaged for our benefit.

Finally, if i receive your favourable response, I will tell you what to do
and the text of the application form will be sent to you to fill and forward
to the bank to process the transfer to your account.

I want to hear more detail from you ,If this fund is
transfered to you ,there will be no betray from you

1 how can i trust you ?
2 Are you married ?
3 How old are you ?
4 I need one copy of your picture
5 I want your private phone number

Waiting to hear from you,

Amiri Babo.


Good Morning Mr. Babo,
Did you know your name reminds me of this chimp they taught sign language over here? The chimps name was Koko and it sort of sounds like Babo. They talked about it on this show called Seinfeld. You know about the show Seinfeld don’t you? I make it a point in my dealing with people that real honest people like the Seinfeld show. Do you like the Seinfeld show? What is your favorite episode? Well anyway I’m glad that you agreed to me getting the $9.5 million from the $25 million, because that is 30% of $25 million.
How do you like your job working at the bank? I now work mostly just for the company that my family owns it’s a restaurant called “Rob’s Place”. LOL! Its pretty popular with the cool people in Los Angeles. I live in a part called Watts it’s a pretty tought place to live but no one knows I have a lot of money so they don’t mess with me. What is it like where you live in Africa? I bet you have a pet tiger or lion or something right? Do they have pandas where you live? I want to wrestle a grizzly bear sometime. LOL!
There was this one time I was at my friends house and I was eating pudding and then I made a sound like I was puking and I spit out the pudding. LOL! The pudding was tapioca its good but the little balls in there seem like snot to me. I don’t like having those little balls in my mouth. Do they have food with little balls where you live?
You talk about you trusting me what about me trusting you? I think that the only way I can trust you is if we do a pinkie promise over the email. So you need to send back to me an email that says, “Pinkie promise, pinkie promise, pinkie promise three. I will make a promise not to screw over thee.” This is important because if I can’t get a pinkie promise I can’t do anything I think. LOL! With the pinkie promise and if you have a favorite Seinfeld episode then I will feel comfortable dealing with you. Do you know any marathon runners? There was a marathon runner on Seinfeld one time and Jerry made the guy miss the race because he messed with his alarm clock. That Jerry is such a scamp! LOL!
Do you have a pet dog? I was walking my do yesterday and I stepped in some old poop. I don’t like stepping in poop. It makes my shoe stink and then Candi yells at me for getting it on the shag carpet. LOL!! If I’ve learned one thing from her poop is hard to get out of a shag carpet. But hey that’s a woman’s job isn’t it LOL!!! I didn’t tell Candi about the money I’m getting from you yet. Would it be possible to get that written out on one of those gigantic checks like they give away when you win the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes? That would be cool if you could work that out somehow. LOL! I guess I should answer your questions because I’m sure you are busy working there at the bank and everything.

1 how can i trust you ? Because I watch Seinfeld and all good people watch Seinfeld. You watch don’t you. I’ve only gotten in trouble once when I tried to bootleg the Doobie Brothers concert. LOL! I tried to go into a show an record the concert with a tape recorder and I gots caught by the police. Have you ever been caught by the police for anything? The only other time I got in trouble was one time I beat up a guy because he was making fun of me while I was part of his dance team. LOL! I’m a good dancer just as your mom LOL!
2 Are you married ? No marriage is for suckers. Don’t tell Candi I said that though! LOL!
3 How old are you ? 24
4 I need one copy of your picture? Do you want one of me at the beach? I need to know because I can send you one in my swimming suit if you want me to. I went to the beach one time and I was in the ocean and my swimming trucks fell down and I think a perch bit my rear end. I don’t like the ocean much because sand gets in my bad places. One time when we were young my brother was with me at the beach and poured a bucket full of sand dowm my swim suit. I had sand in my foreskin for two weeks it was ouchy.
5 I want your private phone number. I don’t have a private phone yet since I just moved you can reach me at Rob’s Place restaurant in Watts California though. I don’t know the number there since I never call the place I just show up. When you call you can ask for Shirley don’t ask for Rob thought because its his place and he gets made when people call on the phone there. He says that people should be working and not talking on the telephono. I don’t know why he calls it the telephono he just does. LOL! There was one time that Rob got really mad because Shirley dropped a bunch of plates that Raj and I ordered. It was funny! LOL! Well I guess I shoud get dunn with this an let you get back to bank working. At your bank do they have a pen on a chain so you don’t steal them? Why would I want steal a pen I’d want to steal the money in the bank you silly gooses!!! LOL!

Later Dude,
Franklin Stubbs

Have you ever seen Teenage Mutant Ninka Turtles? I stoel dude from tehm those turtles were so cool. They got messed upo with some green stuff and they know a talking rat. I’m pretty sure it’s a true story because they had like three movies about them. Maybe I can send you a copy of the movie when we are done. Cowabunga! LOL! I have to go because I had Taco Bell for dinner last night and I think I just tooted and a little poo may have come out on my underwears. Has that ever happened to you. It looks like a car with brown tires did a burnout on the back of your underwears. I’m sure that has happened to you because everyone I know the back of their underwears looks like a car skidded out on them.


  • I seriously laughed so hard that I was crying at work. LOL...Hehe. Good thing that everyone was laughing about something else. Serious good times!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:05 PM  

  • Bootlegging Doobie Brothers!!!
    Rerun's not just a name, you're actually a fan. AWESOME

    By Blogger Ken, at 12:51 PM  

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