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Friday, March 03, 2006

Another plane crashed in Africa and they need my help

Well I got the same email I got about a week and a half ago but this time its from a guy named Ali Zongo. Exact same letter I got from Amiri Babo, so I pretty much sent the same letter. I think Africa needs to look into air safety if all these planes are crashing. There's a little something special there in the end per someone's request. Yeah I forgot to change the name in the beginning from Mr Babo.

Good Day Mr Babo
That is one cool name Ali Zongo. It sounds like someone you would see in a video game. Anyway my mom always taught me to help people out in a situation so I am more than willing to help you out. I’m just wondering if the person who died in the plane crash was a sexy if he wasn’t as sexy as me no one would believe we were related. I’m talking I’m real sexy people tell me I look like a young Ernest Thomas.
I’m not too good at math but I think 30% of $25 million dollars is $9.5 million and I don’t think I can pass up this opportunity. I was wondering do you have a passport to get into the US from your country for the disbursement of my part of the money. I didn’t graduate from high school so I ain’t too sure what disbursement means, but disbursement is good right? It’s a good thing that my daddy left me the family business and I just take money for me directly out of their bank account. I don’t have to work much but I get payed lots of money. I have some nice spinning rims on my El Camino.
How long will this transaction take place. So please send me that paperwork whatever I have to print out I want to make a surprise my girlfriend Candi on her birthday. She really wants to get a set of gold fronts for her teeths but I don’t want to spend the money. Once I get disbursed from you I can buy her the fronts for her teeths. I am hoping to hear from you very much as I’m sure you are very nice sir. I have to go now as Candi is telling me that my corn dogs and macaroni and cheese are done. I hope to hear from you soon. Do women in Africa walk around without any shirts on like I see in National Geographic? I would totally dig that cause I likes me some African boobies.

Yours truly,
Franklin Stubbs


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