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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I have a friend in Africa and you don't

Look he even thinks I'm like a brother to him. A little less crazy rambling on this one trying to get him back into the flow. I want him to either admit that he has a pet tiger or knows the show Seinfeld, that's my goal at this point. Yes all the bad typing , English and spelling are totally intended. I even made a 8 track reference and a few Caddyshack ones there at the end. Apparently Candi and I have had a shady past too. Yes the use of LOL! for no reason returns.

Dear brother,

Thank you for your mail.
You have to send me your bank account details so that i can purchase an application from the bank and fill it with your account details and submit it secretly to the bank on your behalf.
Do make sure that you keep me informed when you received any mail from
the Bank Of Africa so that i will furnish you with proper guidelines on how
to follow up with the bank for the release of the inherittance funds to
your account.

Waiting to hear from you,

Amiri Babo


Hellooooooooooo (Seinfeld reference remember?),
One time my brother shaved off my eyebrow and I got real mad. Then when he was sleeping I punched him right in his yam bag. Do you know what a yam bag is? Its what in this country we call the nuts. LOL! Anyway he wasn’t too happy about that but hey I wasn’t too happy to not have one eyebrow. Have you watched the Olympics any this winter? I was watching the biathalon because I like the idea of skiing and shooting. The only thing that could make this better is if it involved drinking beers. LOL!
I’m wondering why you never answered some of my questions about like having a pet tiger or something. I bet tiger poo is hard to get out of shag carpeting too! LOL! Then you didn’t even answer my request for pinkie promise which I said I needed to trust you but you didn’t put it in the email, why come? Candi still hasn’t found out about our plan to move the money into the accounts and stuff. She comes around and asks questions and I tell her, “Get back into the kitchen and fix me a turkey pot pie!” LOL! Well not really but I did say it once and she hit me right in the eyeball, then I spit on her and then the neighbors called the cops. Sometimes I think I should leave her. What do you think? Don’t tell her I asked you about this LOL! Last time you emailed me you said that you needed a picture of me, do you still need it? I took a sexy one of me in my thong swim suit. It really shows off my yam bag and it has leopard spots on it. It rides up my butt crack a little bit though. Trust me when you take off a thong you don’t want to smell the back part because it smells bad! LOL! Do you still need my phone number too? I can send you that if you need to talk to me about sending me the thing in the mail. Do you need my address too?
Tell me what exactly you need and I will send it to you remember I’m going to Monte Carlo soon and I want to get this done before I leave so when I get back the money will be in my account. I told my friends when the money comes we’re going to have a big party and Danny Terrio will be there. Did you have Dance Fever in your country. It was like the biggest show ever over here for a long time. Dance Fever was awesome I always wanted to be on it. It was so much better than Solid Gold and their stupid dancers. LOL! Solid Gold had people come on and sing but someone told me that they we’re really singing but only moving their mouths and the song was coming from an 8 track tape that was playing. I don’t think that’s true though because I see the persons mouth moving and hear their voice then it means they are singing. I think they said it is called lip singing when they do this. I don’t think anyone does lip singing though cause it looks like they are singing to me. I don’t know because I know I’m more smarter than most of the people that I no. Just let me know what you need from me and I’ll send it but I need to know from you if you have a pet tiger, and if you do what is its name? If I had a pet tiger I would name him Stripes because he has stripes. LOL! Did you ever see the movie Stripes it was a movie about these guys in the army. Then I saw a different movie and the guy that was in the movie I guess got a job at a golf course. He’s had some pretty cool jobs. LOL! There’s a guy in there who is mean named Judge Smails and his son eats boogers. I once new a guy who played golf and once hit a hole in one? Do you know who that was? Me? No my old roommate Mitch Cumstein. Let me know what you need and I can send it. I have to go watch the Great Space Coaster right now so I’ll talk to you later. It’s the great space coaster get on board it’s the great space coaster let’s explore. Talk to you later, are you married?

Franklin Stubbs


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