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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Idol chatter

Get it "Idol Chatter" I used the other spelling of the word because I'm clever like that. Here's quite possibly my only American Idol post. Yeah I watch it so deal with it. Here's my picks and thoughts for this season. You can check out www.idolonfox.com for pictures of these folks and a whole lot more.

Becky O’Donohue- she’s a real pretty girl I think that didn’t hurt when she got picked to be in the final 12 girls.

Chris Daughtry- he’s a rocker type dude with a wife and kids. I think he needs to grow the hair out though his sideburns look a little goofy

Kellie Pickler- Blonde Southern girl she’s the Carrie Underwood character this year. She is real sweet ans seems in awe of everything

Gedeon McKinney- this guy has confidence and he is my dark horse to win the entire thing.

Lisa Tucker- she could win the whole thing and should last a long time
Paris Bennett-same deal as with Lisa Tucker her speaking voice is annoyingly high but she can really really sing. Paris and Lisa may actually cancel each other out.

Kevin Covais- Clay Aiken version 2.0 only put him on here because his name is Kevin. Seems like a kid who you would have picked on in high school. You wouldn’t expect his voice to come out of a kid who looks like him.

Taylor Hicks- I would by a album from this guy today. Is a cross between Joe Cocker and Curtis Stigers. I fully expect you don’t know who Curtis Stigers is he’s a one hit wonder. This guy has “it” whatever that may be.

Ace Young- Constantine version 2.0 will pull a big female vote may end up allegedly sleeping with Paula.

So I’m picking the final four to be Lisa, Paris, Gedeon, and Taylor

Okay my Idol talk for the season is over we'll see how I do when the finals roll around.


  • "Ace Young- Constantine version 2.0 will pull a big female vote may end up allegedly sleeping with Paula."

    Perfectly put!

    Taylor Hicks is my fav male. I would buy an album from him today too.

    By Blogger Carolina Cannonball, at 9:55 AM  

  • Here ya go.

    UPDATE: (Feb. 8th) On Thursday, February 9th, Taylor Hicks' CD "Under the Radar" will be available at Laser's Edge Compact Discs in Homewood, Alabama. Orders can be taken via telephone or e-mail with a credit card. Purchases are limited to two copies. Contact Laser's Edge Compact Discs at 1-800-626-6495 or hicksin06@lasersedgecd.com for more information.

    from this link.

    By Blogger Carolina Cannonball, at 10:23 AM  

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