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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

If you like pina coladas....

Well they told us today that we aren’t going to be changing positions as planned on July 1st. It happens that they can’t get whatever programs then need to switch over to do so and that means we can’t switch gigs just yet. They are having a BBQ at work for lunch on Friday, I’m considering breaking out the lobster shirt. Nothing says “mover and shaker” like a dude in a lobster shirt. Will probably get roped in by the lady to go see the new Harry Potter flick on Thursday. Geez I hope I can follow the story since I have no idea who this Harry Potter character is (smell the sarcasm).
Ah good news there is a Buffalo Wild Wings opening in town in the next few weeks. Each day I drive by I can see the soft glow of beer sign neon. Personally the best part of my trip to Dayton to go to R&R headquarters was the Buffalo Wild Wings. Their wings don’t have that (what I call) sweat on them like the wings at Hooters. I believe the “sweat” is peanut oil which I believe is what they cook them in.
Going to get the old peepers checked pretty soon. I’m actually going to be an adult this time and have a pair of back up glasses. I don’t think I’ve had a pair since 1993. I may have posted this here before and if I did well too bad you just read it again. I was literally falling asleep at work today almost. A trained chimp could do my job.


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