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Friday, June 18, 2004

Bring me the head of....

Actually last night I didn’t have to see the Harry Potter flick. The friend of our that was going to go with us couldn’t go so we went to see The Stepford Wives instead. Honestly it was an entertaining movie as Frank Oz injected a lot of humor into it I can’t see how it was a semi-horror flick originally. There are some really just entertaining performances in it Walken, Glenn Close, and Jon Lovitz. Walken in the film is the main guy and plays of course Walken which is never bad. Close is the main woman and is actually one of the funnier parts of the movie just short of being over the top. Lovitz (who is underrated) had a lot of just straight out funny lines. I would say if it comes to the cheap theater give it a peek, its not going to change the world but its pretty entertaining.

Now on to the previews or “bring me the head of John Travolta”
There were quite a few previews before the movie, one new Jim Carrey flick based on a kids book that I don’t recall the name and one for the movie Ladder 49. Ladder 49 is a firefighter flick starring Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta. Phoenix is a new firefighter and assigned to Travolta’s station. I have no problem with Phoenix but you just know from the trailer that one of the other firefighters in the movie is going to die in a fire and there will be a giant fire at the end of the movie. Have you ever seen Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman or Leno? He always appears to be high on heroin or something
Basically it’s appears from the trailer to be a better than average movie. The problem I have with the movie is the one and only John Travolta. This guy has played the same character in every movie he’s ever been in since Satruday Night Fever. Its almost like he doesn’t try to even be a character. They should just pull a Tony Danza on John Travolta and have his name be John Travolta in every movie he’s been in. On a somewhat unrelated note why did they put out the first season of “Who’s the Boss?” on DVD? Was there a huge clamoring for this? I think I would rather watch a DVD of a proctologist best rectal exams. Anyway back to Travolta, think about it every movie he’s in he’s exactly the same guy. In Pulp Fiction he was Tony Manero in a black suit and black tie. Come to think of Pulp Fiction Samuel L Jackson kind of suffers from the same thing that Travolta does. Same guy every movie he’s in but that’s for another time or not at all. Tony Manero in Ladder 49 is playing the supervisor of the station in what looks to be a pretty good movie. I just hope he doesn’t Tony doesn’t have to tell the firefighter helmet “Would ya just watch the hair. Ya know, I spend a long time on my hair and he hit it; he hit my hair.” Geez I hate John Travolta.
Now I know what you are probably thinking….Walken plays the same guy all the time in his movies. Yeah the difference is that Walken is cool and Tony Manero is not. Walken is actually a good enough actor when he needs to be to get away with it, did you ever see him as “The Continental” on SNL? ‘Nuff said. I would love to have a Walken voice mail greeting, that would rule.


Not to bring jealousy to anyone but we are going to see the worlds biggest ball of paint in Alexandria Indiana in July when we go down there. Who's jealous now? I know you are no need to lie.

You've been served.


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