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Thursday, June 24, 2004

There is an "Xtreme" pain in my ear that has me on my nerves "Edge"

Well its been a few days since I’ve posted something here. Honestly its been because I’ve been a bit under the weather. So much under the weather (pause for dramatic effect) I ACTUALLY WENT TO THE DOCTOR!!! Yes I had a ear infection from a cold I have and had to go get some drugs. If you have never had one an ear infection is very similar to having a ice pick jammed in your ear. Not very pleasant unless you are into that kinky kind of stuff. The one ear that is stuffed I kind of feel like a dog chasing its tails. I always want to turn to my right for some reason to hear what I missed. Hopefully the ear will be all cleared up by Monday when I go see the little purple one, no not Nexium that’s the little purple pill, Prince at the Allstate Arena.
Not to shock you too much but I also went to the optometrist the same week. For the first time in my life the optometrist and doctor in the same week. I actually became an adult and bought not only contacts but also a pair of glasses. Wow look who’s a big boy now. I couldn’t get the frameless versions like I was planning to my prescription it is so bad that the lens would be too thick for the frameless version. I went with a similar shaped pair that are silver, nothing special very guy running for Congress look. I did get the thinner lens so they had to do more to the glass then just cut it off the bottom of a glass coke bottle. That’s been about it for me recently taking horse pills to get over the whole cold/ear infection deal.

Told you I was a marketers dream:
I tried the Pepsi low sugar low carb drink Pepsi Edge recently. About as good as the Coke version but I’m more of a Pepsi guy so I will give it the “Edge” , geez bad pun intended.

A couple of marketing notes to any new products coming out:
Please do not use the word “edge” or spell the word “extreme” as Xtreme. I have used so many products with misspellings it would make a 3rd grade teacher puke. Each day I use my Xtreme Right Guard and jump in my Chevy S-10 Xtreme and come to work (well not really but you get the idea). As for the use of the word “edge” I believe they are using the word to portray there is some danger or something hip when using the product. Hey check out the new Trojan Edge condoms. Is there a pinhole in them? Walk the Edge and find out. The only people who think that there is anything hip in using a product that uses “edge” in its name are the same people who would break their hip falling of the edge of a curb.

Remeber Best Week Ever..VH1....watch it or a kitten dies.

Still waiting for Blockbuster to put the DVD on the used DVD sale section, the movie you ask?

You Got Served.


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