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Monday, June 28, 2004

This weekend I got served. I am so happy.

Well my life is now somewhat complete for a while at least. This weekend from the local Blockbuster I purchased a copy of “You Got Served”. Not because I think it is a great movie, heck I never even saw it before I bought it, but I just knew from the commercials that it had to be bad. In an odd little part of my brain I really love, make that really really love, crap that passes for entertainment. This part of my brain also explains why I have an affinity for the William Hung album. Trust me YGS (You Got Served for the newbies) is so much crap and cliché wrapped up in a hour and a half it can’t help but be great. Trust me in the next few days I will be posting the official Kevin’s Ramblings YGS Viewers Guide the guide will serve as a written “watchers commentary track from my perspective. There are just too many good things in the movie to not post a viewers guide.
In a nutshell YGS works out to be this kind of movie math: Breakin’ + Breakin 2: Electric Bugaloo + Boyz in the Hood + West Side Story + Rocky 5 + Citizen Kane + To Kill a Mockingbird + Wizard of Oz= You Got Served. Oh wait a second that’s not the right equation the correct on for the movie is: Breakin’ + Breakin 2: Electric Bugaloo + Boyz in the Hood + West Side Story + Rocky 5=YGS. The first equation is for what a normal person would need the movie to be to find it entertaining. Notice I didn’t reference the good Rocky movies just the last one crapped out by Hollywood. Just thinking back on some of the scenes in the movie brings a smirk to my face. I never laughed so much at a movie that isn’t intended to be a comedy in my life. Honestly I watched the white devil (This will make sense when I do the viewers guide) say, “Tonight you suckas got served.”, about 6 times and laughed like your prom date high on a joint every time. The view guide will include times in the DVD so you can fully enjoy the movie from the perspective of a true bad movie aficionado.

Until then you officially been served. One last note look at the banner at the top I think its interesting to see what they suggest as relevant topics under the banner.


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