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Friday, September 10, 2004

Fortune 500 battle raps

In a true display of how bored I can get at work I present these.....FORTUNE 500 Battle Raps. I see these raps being traded between Fortune 500 companies. Check it out byothes.....

McD's to Microsoft
Yo your earnings forecasts be whack
I just served you vocally like I serve a Big Mac

Subway to Krispy Kreme
On the market your stock came out all hot
Everybody buying then your earnings go pop
Atkins diet hurt sales we all can hear it
We got a former fat guy named Jar-ed.

Wal-Mart to Target
Uh uh yeah
Know where you comin' not sneaking by
Got yo little dog with the red eye
Our sales blowing up while yours be feeble
Savin' cash cause our cleanin' crews be illegal


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