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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Road Trippin'

Well what have I been up to lately? In all honesty not too much.  Starting a new position at this fine company I work for on Monday…it will most surely suck still I’m sure.  I’ve taken time off the hunt to see how much it actually will suck.  Yep I’m a glutton for punishment.
Thinking of heading out to the Field of Dreams movie site in Dyersville Iowa in the next couple weeks. I was there a few years ago and want to go check it out again.  Did you know that Dyersville Iowa is the farm toy capital of the WORLD.  I don’t make this stuff up people.
One interesting little thing about the Cincinnati invasion.  Sunday when we left central Indiana we were going to stop in beautiful Alexandria Indiana to see the world’s largest ball of paint. Yes the ball calls Alexandria Indiana home.  Apparently this guy started painting a baseball a long time ago and now the ball is freaking huge.  Wow I just looked at the site and there is all kinds of unintentional comedy on there.  If you want to you can start your own ball of paint and send him a picture.  I would paint one of my balls and send it to him but I don’t think he’d want to see it, I’d probably paint it blue. (rimshot) Thanks I’ll be here all week.  We roll into Alexandria on Sunday morning in search of the ball.  We go to the police station and ask if they know of the location of the ball…..but no they don’t.  The lady at the station says that last year it was a the 4H fair in town and much to our joy the fair was just getting under way.  We went to the fairgrounds but the ball was nowhere to be found.  It would have made a nice documentary of three guys in search of a giant paint ball.  We looked at some animals my son scared the crap out of  some beef cattle, if cattle is laying down it’s a good idea not to touch them.  He went up to one and touched it, I’ve never seen cattle move so quickly (granted my encounters with cattle have been few). The ball is like a great white whale for me now and we all went home disappointed.  Damn you ball of paint….damn you!!!!!
One good thing out of the trek across central Indiana is that I was able to pick up a shirt for Frankfort High School.  Frankfort High School you ask, yes the Frankfort High School Hot Dogs.  Greatest. Mascot. Ever.

Kevin. Out.


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