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Friday, July 23, 2004

My name is Kevin and I am funky

Well its been a while so here’s a quick update.  Not much has happened recently except I did go to the Prince show last night at Allstate Arena.  It was rescheduled from last month since the little purple one had a bought with laryngitis.  Let me just say a couple of things here as observations from last night (in no particular order):

1. In person Prince seems a little less ambiguous (if you know what I mean), like I’ve always said I would take the female run off from him since the ladies were loving the guy all night.  Screams of female delight filled the arena regularly through the night.  Towards the end of the night there were some women from the audience on stage dancing and Prince touched one of them and I kid out not she actually buckled at the knees.  Geez I want to be a rock star.

2. Prince seemed not as small in stature as he appears on television. He was as tall as some of the women in the band but it wasn’t like he was a midget or anything.

3. Prince on TV seems like he’s a little aloof and shies from the attention.  I can say last night he was basking in the glory of the crowd.  Actually a pretty  funny guy too.  I think the way he acts sometimes on TV being timid, is just that, and act.

4. The back up band, the New Power Generation, was the best live band I’ve seen.  If you  can mix the staples of a regular rock band with a trombone and two saxes and make it sound good you must be doing something right.

5. Prince can really play whatever instrument he damn well pleases, and play it well.

The show was a full 2 ½ hours of Prince inspired goodness.  Some say this is his last tour, I think once he sees the coin this one rakes in he’ll be back.  The average tour shirt was about $25 bucks and a tour program was $20.  Trust me this thing will be a monster payday for the purple one. 

In totally unrelated note I will attempt to finish the long awaited much ballyhooed “You Got Served” viewer’s guide.  It will break down the movie chapter by chapter so you can enjoy all the healthy goodness it has to offer. 

Well that’s all for now I guess until later…watch your cornhole.


  • Funny you should mention "cornhole". When I first moved down to Dayton, I was told a story about some guys playing Cornhole. Apparently, the look on my face was enough to stop the teller in their tracks and ask. What?" Since I wasn't sure I heard right, I asked exactly what Cornhole was. It turns out that in this here parts, the beanbag toss game is referred to as Cornhole. I then had to explain that back where I come from, to cornhole means something else entirely...like Deliverance something.

    By Blogger Chris, at 7:47 PM  

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