Random Ramblings

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I expect a development deal soon....

Okay here's a idea I'm going to pitch to Hollywood. Its similar to the show "Big Brother" but oh so much better. What happens you take all the people where you work and lock them all in the building you work in for 10 straight days. If you work on a building with various floors if you leave the floor you work on you are out of the game. Here's the basic rules of the game, let the fun begin:

1) 10 days, locked inside, have to stay on the floor you work on, you leave the floor you are out of the game

2) No radio, TV, computers, nothing

3) Food is provided on a regular basis. Sometimes there is a lot provided sometimes there is a little provided.

4) Certain food items laced with alcohol and/or angel dust

5) At any time of the day the lights will go out and stay off for differing amounts of time

6) Everyone has on the spy camera glass so the viewer can see what participants are looking at

7) Showers are provided but the water is cold and not always available. Water to the shower is turned on at the will of the show's producer. (this is an update to offset the problem you pointed out earlier)

8) Participants get to a toothbrush and toothpaste. Water in restroom controlled by producers.

These simple rules lead to a television gold mine!!!