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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hey ther folks I'll be away from any sort of advanced technology for the next week or so. I'm heading off to Waveland Mississippi on the 25th and will be down there about a week. If I don't get back to you if you send me something for any reason now then you know why. Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and never under estimate the power of guerilla philanthrophy. I'm sure when I get back I'll have plenty of stories and pictures. I'll post all the thoughts here once I get back.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

From the London Evening Standard 11/22/05:

Glitter denies claims of child sex
22 November 2005
Former rocker Gary Glitter, who remains in Vietnamese custody, has denied allegations that he engaged in sex with two girls, including a minor, police officials said.
"In the questioning session he denied that he committed lewd acts with the girls," said a police officer from Ba Ria-Vung Tau province.

Authorities have decided to extend Glitter's detention at a prison outside Vung Tau by another three days so they can continue their investigation. Glitter has not been charged with any crime
A day earlier, police said two girls, aged 12 and 18, had claimed in interviews that they had sex with Glitter at his home in this seaside resort town.
There were conflicting media reports that the second girl had not yet turned 18, the age of consent in Vietnam. The girls' accusations are currently being investigated, police said.
Glitter, 61, whose real name is Paul Francis Gadd, had been stopped by immigration officials at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City over the weekend as he was trying to flee the country for Bangkok.
He was later turned over to provincial police in southern Ba Ria-Vung Tau, police and immigration officials said. Glitter, who rose to fame as a glam rocker in the 1970s, is best known for Do You Wanna Touch and Rock and Roll (Part 2), which is still frequently played at sporting events.


I bet the firing squad starts to play Rock and Roll (Part 2) and shoots him right at the "Hey!" part.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Not much of a weekend

Not to much this weekend. Sunday went to a meeting about the Katrina deal that I’m leaving for Thursday. Here’s a quick rundown of the UFC PPV on Saturday night.

Quick UFC PPV run down

Jeremy Horn d. Trevor Prangley- I thought that this fight should have gone to Prangley. He seemed to be able to take down Jeremy Horn at will. Horn was trying to legitimize the decision by saying he was working from the bottom. An alright fight nothing spectacular the decision was questionable.

After the first match Dana White comes out with a buttload of announcements.
1) Lidell/Couture 3 on the Saturday before the Super Bowl
2) Frank Mir who has been out with an injury will be back soon and probably fight a few warm up fights before taking on Arlovsky
3) Coaches for TUF3 are Ken Shamrock and………TITO ORTIZ! Ortiz and the UFC have been bitching at each other for a long time over money but I guess UFC must have named the right price for Tito. I’ll admit I’m not a big Tito fan but its he is entertaining because he plays the heel so well. When they announced it some of the crowd booed and Tito played it up like he was crying. Funny stuff.
4) BJ Penn is back he beat Matt Hughes a while ago.
UFC is really looking to really put itself on the map with the talent they have resigned or is coming back from injuries. They should have some decent PPV bouts from the guys the announced on Saturday along with the guys already under contract.

George St. Pierre d. Sean Sherk- St Pierre won by ref stoppage he was on top of Sherk in the second round and landed massive blows that made it look like Sherk’s nose exploded. I’m a big fan of the two Canadian MMA guys St Pierre and Louiseau they are both really talented

Matt Hughes d. Joe Riggs-Riggs didn’t make weight so it wasn’t for the title. Hughes caught Riggs in a Kimura (i.e. crank the elbow massively) for the submission.

Gabriel Gonzaga d. Kevin Jordan- This fight sucked big time. No further comment. Crowd was booing and chanting “Go home” because these two did NOTHING the entire second round and for most of the third round. I don’t see UFC bringing these guys in for more fights.

Rich Franklin d. Nate Quarry Franklin knocked Nate completely out in the first round. After the fight he rightfully crapped on the heavyweight fight that was right before the main event.

One observation, no one likes Deigo Sanchez they showed him at the PPV in the corner of the screen and he got boos from the crowd. Then he mouthed "I love you mom." What a tool.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Yes its true


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

One can hope can't he?

From the NY Post:
November 15, 2005 -- PARIS Hilton's new pet monkey, Baby Luv, went bananas when she took the peeved primate on a lingerie shopping spree in Las Vegas last weekend. We're told that Baby Luv bit Hilton and clawed her face when she walked into the Agent Provocateur shop at Caesars on Saturday with the beast on her shoulder. Paris managed to pull Baby Luv off her and hooked his leash to a cabinet while she rang up $4,000 worth of bras and panties and a bullwhip, says our eyewitness. Later that night, when the lingerie line hosted Kelly Osbourne's 21st birthday bash at the Hard Rock, Baby Luv escaped from Hilton's clutches — delaying the start of the Agent Provocateur show until staffers found him after a 20-minute search.

Is it wrong to hope that the same fate that this guy had strikes Paris Hilton? I didn't think so either.

Monday, November 14, 2005

It's a girl!A brand-new female Atlantic bottlenose dolphin born Nov. 3 swims Friday in Brookfield Zoo's Seven Seas exhibit next to her mother, Tapeko, 23, (right) and Tapeko's older daughter Kaylee, 12.(Tribune photo by Antonio Perez)Posted November 11, 2005

[In my best Brian Reagan impersonation]: Call me crazy but I think that baby dolphin is smiling.

Okay I admit I need to eat crow

I watched a thing about Walk The Line this weekend and I had previously crapped on them not using Cash vocals in the movie. Well I was wrong Joaquin Phoenix doesn't sound too bad doing his best Cash singing voice. I'm going to see this next Sunday more than likely. Saw jarhead this weekend it wasn't too bad. I actually won this little gem of a shirt on ebay too. Johnny Cash-the original gangster rapper.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Hollywood Stinks.

Bear with me for a moment here. The movie Fat Albert is on HBO so I decided to watch part of it and had to turn it off. The premise is that the Fat Albert and the rest of his crew come through the TV to help this girl out. The reason I had to turn it off was because while I was watching it no one in the movie said, “Hey look its Fat Albert!” Wouldn’t you think if you saw a guy walking around that looked like Fat Albert wouldn’t you say that? I know I would.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

All systems go

Got the message today that I'm going to go to Waveland Mississippi from November 25th to December 1st. I'm using some vacation from work because if I didn't use it for this it would have been wasted anyway. I'll be working at a place affectionately called Camp Katrina which is a bunch of tents set up in the parking lot of the KMart down there.

Totally unrelated I just ordered the new Weezer CD through the BMG club.

Just watch the show

Found a little gem of a show. If you ever have any question of the inherent good of regular people you should see this show. Two regular guys, a run down truck, and a team of 3 assistants, changing lives one by one.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I spotted a T-Rex this weekend.

I'm sending this into the "T-Rex Field Guide for 2006" for inclusion in next year's guide:

RE: T-Rex sighting
When: November 6th approximately 10:30 a.m.
Location: Lake Zurich Illinois Jewel/Osco

We were at the Jewel in Lake Zurich heading home after church and we at the back of the store in front of the dairy case. We had picked up what we needed and decided to go towards the check outs through the freezer section. We were about to go down the aisle when I spotted a female figure, approximately 40 feet from us, with noticeably fake blonde hair and wearing garish attire particularly for one going shopping. As we moved closer to the subject I noted a strong strong perfume odor from some source which was later confirmed to be coming from the aforementioned subject. As we approached the subject closer She had turned back towards us and it was confirmed. I had made my first T-Rex visual confimraion outside of the buildings of GBC. This figure appearred to be approximately 45 years old and had the skin appearance of a 75 year old with a oak hued skin. There was noticeable skin damage and an seemed that the skin was starving from some sort of moisture. As is commone with every T-Rex seen so far at GBC and in the wild skin moisture seems to be an issue. The hair on this T-Rex could best be described as the same hair as Charro but it wasn't curly. Once I had passed the T-Rex I had to look back to check out the T-Rex's grill. It was equally ultra violet light damamged and the T-Rex was sporting an extremely low cut v-neck shirt considering her age. The T-Rex did also appear to have some enhancement of the silicon type in her upper chest region.

This T-Rex was memorable for a few reasons:
1) the colorful garb for shopping (could thins be a common trait for the species?) It was a light colored ensemble possibly to accentute her oaken hued skin.
2) the scent the T-Rex emitted to apparently pick up males of the species
3) the choice of mate this T-Rex had in particular

The male that was with this female T-Rex was the most unassuming guy I have ever seen. It was quite surprising to see this male with such a stong T-Rex display. The male could be best described as he may have been an accountant, around the same age as the T-Rex. The male appearred as he may spend a lot of time golfing and saying "Yes dear" to his T-Rex. What I remember most about this male was that when I happened to look down in the cart he was pushing was a box labeled "Durex" so we know that this male and T-Rex are having sexual relations. When I noticed the box the word, "Ugh" came out of my mouth.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Quick observation from the pocket

Vermont has so little going for it that they have a guy getting syrup out of trees on the back of its quarter. Sad. Discuss. Don't even get me started on the Wisconsin quarter.