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Friday, June 19, 2009

Return of the bad list

September 20, 2006 was the last time I had to update this list. Go ahead check your calendar I'll wait. We have another addition to the

F#ck-o List

F#ck-o list.....another addition

Backgournd and past additions to the list can be found here:

Welcome to the list......Bank of America. Here's the story I paid my bill last month online, no big deal I do it all the time. Admittedly I screwed up a bit and paid the thing short by $3. The payment was completely on time aside from that and posted before the due date. The money was taken from my account on 6/2/09. I get a letter from the today dated 6/11/09 stating that I missed a payment. I knew I made the payment and went to go check the statement online. Yep I made the payment and it went through on the 2nd. Then I look at the statement from Bank of America and it shows the credit plus a late charge of $39. No the payment was not late, sure it was $3 light because I'm an idiot but in no way it was late. I give Bank of America a call and the guy admits that they should not of charged the $39 late charge sicne it was on time, albeit short by 300 pennies. Just for wasting my time Bank of America you've made it to the f#ck-o list. But in an unprecedented move I will be moving Washington Mutual off the list because they were bought by my current bank. Bank of America you're coming in at #5 on the list.

My personal f#ck-o list
1) Rockenbach Chevrolet
2) Craphole One a.k.a Capitol One
4) TCF Express
5) Bank of America

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quick one

I was looking at this today and had seen I hadn't updated it in a while, so here's a quick and dirty update. I'm not dating the chick from the city any more. There was just some stuff not really too bbig of a deal but that's over. I sort of figured it would come to this sooner or later and it did. No big heartbreak I've moved on no big deal. Been shooting a lot of video for the campaign and just messing around with that. Have some things that will be put in motion as we draw closer to November 2010. Check out the campgain site by clicking on the link to the right.
Doing a Walk a Thon for Children's Memorial Hospital this weekend and then going to the Lou with v2 the weekend after that. Also stopping at the Lincoln Museum in Springfield and of course shooting some stuff at the capitol building. Then in July we're going to the Pro Football HOF and Pittsburgh to see the park there and two Pirate games. There is is a quick update bee good to each other and yourself.