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Friday, May 27, 2005

Indy 500

Just a short sporting note here about the Indy 500. In the past 15 (20?) years the Indy 500 has fallen from grace and not as interesting as it was when I was a kid. Why? Because we all know that open wheel racing sucks, bring on the redneck NASCAR races for me. This year actually there is something that interests me about the Indy 500 though. A female in the field, Danica Patrick, who some say can actually win the race. She drives for the Rahal/Letterman team (yes that Letterman) and was on his show a few days ago. She is just like you average 23 year old lady except she drives a car at 200+ miles per hour. You can find out more about Danica Patrick right here I think it would be cool if she won and I of course want to see my guy Jeff Gordon win the Coca Cola 600 even after his terrible showing at Wrigley Field earlier this week. If Gordon doesn't win it I'd like to see Tony Stewart of Dale Jr win. That's all for now back to your regularly scheduled smart alec commentary.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Why are we fighting? Who's fightin' and a what for? Come on we don't have to fight!

If you haven't seen Gimme Shelter its pretty entertaining, its where Mick uttered the famous words in the headline. The concert at Altamont was a total mess because they had to change venues right before the concert was to take place. Then to further add to the mix the Hell's Angels were hired to work security at the concert. The promoter of the show was obviously an idiot. You can also see the Stones before they started to look like skeletons. I think the Stones should do a video like the Grateful Dead "Touch of Gray" except they wouldn't have to use marionette skeletons it would just be the Stones how they regularly look.

From our friends at yahoo.com:
Case of 1969 Altamont Stabbing Closed

OAKLAND, Calif. - Nearly 36 years after a man was stabbed to death during a Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway, investigators have closed the case, dismissing a theory that a second Hells Angel took part in the killing.

Meredith Hunter, 18, was killed during the free concert on Dec. 6, 1969. The show, which drew an estimated 300,000 people, was billed as the "Woodstock of the West," but the death helped bring to an end the image of the peace-and-love '60s. The concert, and the stabbing, were captured on film in the 1970 documentary "Gimme Shelter."

As the Stones played on stage, a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, hired by the band to provide security, attacked, stabbed and killed Hunter.

Alan Passaro was acquitted after a jury concluded he acted in self-defense because Hunter was carrying a gun. But there had been rumors over the years that a second unidentified assailant had inflicted the fatal wounds, and the case remained open.

But Alameda County sheriff's Sgt. Scott Dudek said Wednesday that after a renewed investigation over the past two years, authorities concluded that Passaro, who died in 1985, was the only person to stab Hunter and did so only after Hunter pointed a gun at the stage.
Dudek said Passaro's lawyer confirmed his client was the lone assailant. In addition, enhanced and slowed-down footage from the film shows Hunter brandishing the gun just before Passaro leaps from the stage and stabs him, Dudek said.

Hunter's relatives said Wednesday they had always held out hope that someone would be convicted in the case.

"The problem is the wounds that have been reopened are still devastating to the family," Hunter's sister, Dixie Ward, 63, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Don't act like you're not impressed

I got the coolest semi-custom made lucha mask straight from Mexico City. Its got this holographic stuff on the front and totally rocks. If you are lucky maybe I'll let you see it if you ask nicely. I'm sure The Enigma will love it once I present it to him.

Seacrest, out.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Just for my amusement

I put this on here for my own entertainment. Its about a lady I work with and is off the Crash Test Dummies tune Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm

Once there was this girl who
Like to go to tan like a kid going to school
But when she finally came back
Her hair had turn into color bright white
She said that it was from when
The peroxide hit her hard

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Once there was this girl who
Would go into the tan spa all the time like a fool
But when she finally got out
Skins like leather from UV light
She couldn’t quite explain it
She always just gone there.

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Monday, May 16, 2005

Super Saturday---THROWDOWN!

This is from an email I sent to someone I work with about the past weekend. Sorry I can't supply blog readers with the sketches.

The Scene: The Home Depot in Round Lake Right between like noon-1:00.
The actors: Me, My brother, his daughter, and my mom. We were at the store to pick up stuff to add to the deck that my mom has at the back of the house. Picking up some sand, some timbers and some other crap. We're doing a brick extension on the patio cause that's what mom wanted for mom's day. Saturday we we're going to lay out the outer border of the thing and lay the bricks next weekend.

We all pack into my moms Blazer to pick up the crap from the store. We all roll in and there and its not too busy which is a little odd for a Saturday. We pick up the sand, brackets, and some of that stuff you put under things so weeds wouldn't grow through the bricks we are going to lay. Then we head on over to look at the landscape timbers that would be the frame we would use to put the brick in. This is where it gets interesting, be ready to refer to the previously supplied illustration (sketch "A"). My niece goes to pick up one of those carts that you put long boards on and my brother is looking at these timbers that are about 2 inches around and eight feet long. I figure they may weight about 40 pounds each. He's looking at the timbers and handing them to me and I'm putting on the cart. He pulls them off the end cap and hands them to me and I put them on the cart. We're about 2 1/2 feet apart doing this and get about 5 of the 8 we inteded on buying when I notice this 10 year old (guessing his age) standing incredibly close to my brother as he's pulling these timbers off the endcap. I'm thinking what in the hell is that kid doing there is no way he's going to try and go between us because if he does he may get clocked in the head by this timber my brother is pulling off the display thing. There was at least another 4 feet if not more between the cart and the side of the aisle on the kids right hand side, more than enough for the kid to get through. Well I was right the stupid kid did cut through there (dotted line on drawing) and almost took a 8 foot plank right to the side of his stupid crew cut head. My brother says, "Hey nice move dumbass you almost got hit in the head with this timber. This may not be his exact quote but he did call the kid a dumbass (this is key later on). Then the kid scurries to his right heading southbound through the Home Depot. I look at my brother giving him that "geez that kid was an idiot and almost took a 8 foot timber right in his temple" look. We go on our merry way and load the 3 other timbers onto the cart. Then we go to the checkout and we had three carts one with small stuff, a flatbed type one with the sand on it, and the cart with the timbers on it. My mom is in front with the regular cart and I'm behind her with the sand, the check out lady goes through all the stuff and I get out of the general register area with the sand, my mom is still back by the register with the other cart and my brother's cart hasn't been checked out yet. (See sketch "B") Then everything gets checked out and we are almost ready to roll. When coming from my left down the main front aisle is some 40-ish year old dude and his wife and you guessed it……crew cut stupid kid! The guy is crew cut kid's dad (henceforth known as SCCKD for stupid crew cut kid dad) . Here's where it gets good. SCCKD says to my brother "Did you call my kid a dumbass?" My brother is like "Yeah he was walking through here and almost got his in the head by these timbers." At this time I'm standing over where I with my niece we are both smiling and almost laughing the guy. Then SCCKD is like, "You don't call my kid a dumbass." My brother quickly retorts, "I'm going to call the kid a dumbass if he does something like that." I look at stupid crew cut kid and the face of the kid is all red and he's seriously on the verge of having a full out boo hoo fit, his lip was quivering and and his eyes were all squinty. Then SCCKD is like, "Do you want to take this outside." This last thing SCCKD says is key to the big payoff. My brother is kind of like "Whatever" (or something to that affect). SCCKD is still yelling at the top of his lungs and I was just standing back there watching the whole spectacle, yes still laughing. They yelled back and forth at each other about 3 or 4 times. While the wife of SCCKD is getting pushed away from my brother by his wife. Then SCCKD made a serious mistake. He yelled the "F word" when he was yelling at my brother about something and I knew it was my time to move in. So I step towards them and my mom puts her hand on my chest to try and stop me and telling me to relax, later we find out my mom thought it was going to end up in a fist fight. I look at my mom and tell her I'm just trying to get SCCKD to calm down. This happened pretty quick from the time he said the f word until I got past my mom he hadn't had a chance to yell anything else but was still fuming mad. At this point my brother was completely cool and wasn't really yelling but SCCKD was yellling the whole time. So SCCKD was still yelling once I got past my mom and swearing. Then the guy sees me coming towards him, I don't think he was paying attention to what I was doing because when it started I was too busy watching the spectacle and laughing. Now I'm now talking loudly at the guy I said, "Come on pal there's little kids in the store they don't need to hear you swearing like that." SCCKD says something to me and I’m just telling him to calm down. I think I tell the guy about not swearing like twice and the guy calms down, then him and his stupid family check out at the register right next to us. Quick aside here: if this had happened to you and you were SCCKD wouldn't you have waited to check out until after we left? Yes I would have waited to but apparently the guy isn't very smart. So finally we are getting checkout and SCCKD and his bleach blonde wife are looking at us and I'm just loving every minute of it and just laughing about the whole situation. We head out to the car with the carts and we are loading the stuff into the back of the Blazer. We're talking about the whole thing and I tell my mom I was just trying to calm the guy down and I would have only went after the guy if he took a swing at me. Then as we are talking here comes SCCKD and his wife and….wait a second who is that? Oh my its SCCKD, his wife, his dumbass kid………and a 340 pound black guy that works at the Home Depot. As fate would have it they are parked in the same row as us on the opposite side about 4 cars away. I thought oh that Home Depot guy must be leaving work right now. So SCCKD and his family are getting into their silver Monte Carlo and we are loading our stuff in. I guess the wife of the guy was looking at us worried my brother and I would jump the guy in the parking lot. Then the silver Monte Carlo with SCCKD and his dumb family pull away. Oh you are probably wondering what happened to the 340 pound black guy……well he wasn't getting off work. He went back inside the Home Depot to work as the only reason he walked out there was to protect SCCKD from getting jumped in the parking lot………this of course after SCCKD asked my brother if he wanted to "take it outside." Apparently SCCKD had enlisted the big guy to protect him in the parking lot. I only have one word to really describe the actions of SCCKD asking the Home Depot guy to come walk him to his car, and I don’t think anyone but Ron White said it better when he said,


Monday, May 02, 2005

Nominate me for a Nobel Peace Prize

for warning you about this film. Sure its stream of consciousness but I had to get this evil out of my mind. I know what you're thinking "I could have told you that movie was goind to suck." Well....screw you. Shortback story I was going to have softball practice in Barrington and it got cancelled but I got the call while I was in the theater dealing with this, its all explained below.....

I was going to see Sin City again but got there about 20 minutes late. I'm looking at the board I didn't want to see Hitchhiker because I didn't read the book so I decided to go see (I now realize this may be one of the worst decisions I've ever made) XXX: State of the Union. I admit I liked the first one I'm easily entertained by explosions and small arms fire and hey it can't be that bad…can it? 15 minutes into the movie I realize how bad the movie is going to suck….this thing sucked beyond all description. This film had no redemming value in it at all. Bad corny dialogue and the story sucked. The head of the Defense Dept is going to take out the President, VP, and Sec of State so he can be President. People in the theater were actually laughing at the Cube comments because they thought it was funny. It was so bad I had fell asleep for a undetermined period of time…..at an action movie. Its not like I was watching some period drama with Ralph Finnes I fell asleep at an action flick it was so bad!!! There's a scene where Xzibit and his crew "tankjack" a friggin army tank…..oh my I'm getting sick just thinking about how bad it was. Avoid this film at all costs, when it comes out on DVD don’t even look at it. This movie was so bad I think it gave me an STD while I was watching it. When this movie comes out on DVD it should come with a warning that in may cause potential birth defects and low birth weight in mothers. I would have rather have Ice Cube kick me in the nuts than have to watch this again. No to beat a dead horse but it was as bad as those two TV shows I saw like three weeks ago. Feeling ill just thinking about it.

One good thing that came out of the movie? Saw a trailer for the new batman flick and was more entertained by the 2 minute Batman trailer than by the 90+ minute shitfest that followed it.