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Friday, May 28, 2004

Palmolive? You're soaking in it.

In my grade school grasp of HTML I was able to add links to the side bar there. Two links really, one to my other blog CITW (explained when you get there) and the other to my former R&R co-worker and fellow corporate whore Chris, who now resides in Ohio.

Holiday shenanigans

Well ladies and gents I figured I would write something here before the holiday weekend. May be going to the White Sox/Angels game this weekend, going to a BBQ at the lady’s house on Sunday and then to the brother’s joint on Monday, other than that just hanging out really. I guess that is about all for now, have a safe holiday and keep them at 10 & 2.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Must be in their DNA

The lady has a friend who is getting married here in the next couple of months and she is in the wedding party. They have just started looking for dresses, flowers, reception place etc. She really is looking to help her friend out but it made me come up with a new theory. Somewhere in the DNA of females there is a gene that enjoys setting up weddings. If guys had to do it themselves they wedding would take place in front of the TV and the reception would be held at Hooters probably.

This weekend Jason and I went to a show and had a real good time followed up by OCB on the way home. He tells me that he hopes the show goes on a while so he doesn’t have to go to a party with his girl. I softened it up a bit its not actually not a party but…..a wedding shower! Seems that this friend of his girl is getting married and apparently the friend and the guy she’s marrying thought it would be a good idea to have a shower for couples. Trust me no guy in his right mind would want to make his other fellow men suffer through a wedding shower…..something tells me the guy may be gay. Come on take one for the team, yes you have to sit through the shower but save other guys from that. Let them stay at home sitting around in their underwear eating hot wings. A wedding shower for couples….feh.

Wow Shrek 2 did some huge numbers this weekend. Can Shrek 3 be far behind. I hope they call it Shrek 3 Electric Boogaloo. Then again I think every sequel should be titled with Electic Boogaloo. The Godfather II: Electric Boogaloo. Rocky I-IV Electric Boogaloo (yes I know there were five, or V if you will, Rocky movies but I don’t consider the last one “Rocky” worthy. Just like I thought that Stallone wasn’t Rocky worthy after seeing Spy Kids 3-D Game Over: Electric Boogaloo. Rambo First Blood Part II: Electric Boogaloo. Go ahead try it today try and work in a Electric Boogaloo reference into your every day conversation.

Try Salad


Yeah I can be a dick at times.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Chris prompted me to do this

Well since Chris has allowed comments on his site I figured I would follow suit.


Well they made a little change in the position at work which is going to happen in July. The new position won’t make the job suck as much as it currently does. Will it cause me not to look for a new job? More than likely no, unless they can come up with some more scratch I’m outta here. I have to find a job where I make more because this company is a little suspect in some of their practices. The main reason is that romance without finance is a damn nuisance. On that front I would say that things are going alright. I have found out that our being on the downlow isn’t as downlow as either of us thought. Its pretty much a well known fact to everyone, apparently we think we are not a slick as we think we are. I’m not going to say anything about everybody knowing about us I’m sure she will find out in enough time. I actually thought I might have screwed up with her last week with something I did but it blew over last weekend and apparently there was no harm done.
Softball is going well for being the first game I think I went two for three. First game I was a little antsy since I have never seen a pitch I don’t think I can hit. There are some girls on the team who have some serious serious softball skills. We won the practice game 9-4 and are playing the same team this Sunday for real this time. J said she’ll come by the game after she gets her hair done.
Oh yeah its 9:50 May 21, 2004 and my boss is still an idiot.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Just checking in

Yeah its Kev just checking in, going to look for a new gig tonight. In a related note it's 12:31pm on Tuesday May 18th, 2004 and my boss is still an idiot.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Ahh sleepy...

When you are on the verge of falling asleep at work, its time to look for a new job right? Most of you know that what I do could easily be done by a trained chimp if chimps could talk. Absolutely mind numbing stuff, at this point I’d rather be in an Iraqi prison. I have to get my act in gear this weekend and send some stuff out.
The highlight of my work day yesterday was that the idiot boss had a six inch piece of tape stuck to his rear all day. How could he not tell it was there? Did I talk the time to tell him? You know me better than that of course not.
On the personal front I still have no clue where that’s all going at this point. We’re going out to dinner on Thursday night so I’ll know more than. Hanging on the DL is driving me insane in all reality. Thursday could go very well or very bad, just have to wait and see.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Every office has one.

There's a lady at work that whenever you talk to her she gives you this "dog look". You know the kind of look a dog gives you when you talk to them and it seems that they are trying to understand you. Its a bit of a head tilted ever so slightly to the side look. The eyes are there but no one is home.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Kiddie Vegas

Well I’ve had my first experience as a dad at Chuck E Cheese (CEC) yesterday. I remember going to CEC in Waukegan that had a lion dressed as Elvis that sang Elvis tunes it ruled to say the least. Well that CEC is now gone, probably been replaced by a nail salon or liquor store, but a new one has emerged n Gurnee (no surprise its in Gurnee huh). First off if you have no idea what CEC is it’s a pizza place that also has games that little kids, and not so little kids, can play. Basically you fork over some money for pizza and drinks and then they give you tokens to play games based on what you buy. Well I went in with a coupon for 20 free tokens and bought another 30 or so tokens there for like $10. Then I realized that I spent as much on pizza at CEC and tokens as I did at the Ram restaurant a mere two weeks ago. The only difference is that at The Ram we got two steak dinners, at CEC we got to see a robotic rodent.
I pick a table near the show area of CEC and Nate goes off and plays in the playland with a bunch of other kids in their socks. I don’t know about you but if they had adult playlands I would not go in them. Let’s face it there are some people with some nasty stank feet out there. As I sit there and wait for the fine culinary delight of CEC pizza (well get to this later) what do thine eyes see? Could it be? It is…it is. The one and only Chuck E Cheese gracing the CEC in Gurnee Illinois with his presence. Funny thing I didn’t hear the CEC chopper drop him off, must have had a business meeting in Chicago and decided to stop by. There he is in his blue shirt and blue jeans coming out of the kitchen no less, must have been doing some QC work back there. Then over the loud speaker, “Kids come up by the front and kid check in and dance with Chuck E!” Just an observation if Chuck E Cheese can be know as Chuck E I want to known as Kevin P from now on. Then as the kids go up to the front door to dance with his holiness Chuck E. Then sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” The whole performance involves some dancing by Chuck E and a high school student, priceless stuff. Then as the kids yell hooray at the end of the song the manager say, “The louder you yell ‘hooray’ the more tickets Chuck E gives out.” Since that gauntlet had been thrown down by the manger the kids just had to answer. A loud “hooray!” followed by Chuck E throwing out tickets, so many tickets it looked like a snow globe. The funniest part is that from the way these kids reacted it seemed like they were all crack addicts and they dropped one of their rocks and were fighting other crackheads to pick it up. Okay maybe not crack addicts, but you get the picture. Nate actually got quite a few tickets out of the melee and returned to the table just as the pizza arrived.
The pizza at CEC can best be described as an upgrade from a frozen pizza but not much. Sure it’s a little bland figuring a lot of kids eat there and can be picky so I understand. Its not the best pizza you’ll ever had not the worst either, the worst would be from a place at ISU back in the day Grog’s Pizza. I kid you not you could get a pizza there for $4. It was the only pizza place that stayed open late and with college drinking…well you get the idea. While we were eating we watched part of the entertainment spectacular known as CEC. It consisted of about 7 monitors and one 6 foot robotic rodent. Chuck E has a certain love for Beatles songs as we sat there he sang two Beatles tunes. At this point in the show Nate turns to me and said, “That’s a robot.” See there was a time when Nate was younger and we went to the Museum of Westward Expansion at the base of the Arch in Saint Louis and we told him one of the robots there was a real guy. He named him “Todd”, it was funny he thought it was a real guy but he’s too smart for that now.
After we ate it was on to the adolescent version of Las Vegas the CEC game area. CEC has a wide selection of games and you win tickets at, and then turn in the tickets for various trinkets made in Taiwan. The game area is just like Vegas except for the prostitution. We of course had to maximize the amount of tickets to get the better of the cheap crap. There are various games there’s a “Wheel of Fortune” game, basketball shooting game, and a “Grand Prize Game” type one. We played for a while and won about 300 tickets. After looking at the prize redemption area for at least 10 minutes Nate decided he wanted to keep his tickets to get some better Taiwanese crap next time. He asked if we could come back next week I told him we could come back in a while.