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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm huge in Europe

CITW Remixes is linked to some show on Channel 4 in the UK, I'm seeing lots of hits from it. It looks like the show is a little goofy show like The Office maybe. You can check it out here. Its listed under Friday February 24th. I should just go on tour.

Don't miss this one

Here's a show that is my pick to click and has a reality TV moment that is not to be missed. It the most recent episode is when Flav is meeting the girls parents. You don't really need to see any other episodes to get the drift of the show its basically "The Bafchelor" but he's not going to marry the chick in the end. Stick with the show as the last 15 minutes are the greatest 15 minutes that have appeared on TV since The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. Just trust me and catch it you won't be disappointed.

My African friend never wrote back......color me sad.

Monday, February 27, 2006

I thought it would stink I was wrong.

All in all it was a standard run of the mill weekend, except on Saturday. I have to give out a special award to the movie that I took version 2 to see because he wanted to see it. Granted it was a Disney flick and they promote their movies on Disney channel to the hilt. Anyway I’d like to give the movie “Eight Below” special recognition for the "Best Movie that I Thought Was Going to Really Suck But Didn't" award. Going into the thing I just had a feeling that it was going to just stink like no other, but I was wrong. I actually left the movie thinking, “A stupid dog movie shouldn’t be as good as that movie was.” I don’t want to really say much more about it, just go see it, sure it followed a standard formula but was still really good.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quick thought and and.....sadness

Seems like on AI last night as the night went on the singers got better. I wonder if they put Taylor Hicks on last so that folks would stay tuned in. Taylor, bald rocker guy, the goofy guy that sang Stevie Wonder all sounded good. My early pick Gedeoon performance seemed a little goofy over the top.

Now onto the sadness for the evening. Has "Seacrest...out" died? He hasn't said it the past two nights and it makes me laugh when he says it for some reason. It even is funnier when 9 year old Version 2 says it. Its a running joke between us.

The new whip is fully functional now as the XM was put in last night and fits perfectly in a little cubby hole under the radio. Just have to hide the antenna wire tonight.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I have a friend in Africa and you don't

Look he even thinks I'm like a brother to him. A little less crazy rambling on this one trying to get him back into the flow. I want him to either admit that he has a pet tiger or knows the show Seinfeld, that's my goal at this point. Yes all the bad typing , English and spelling are totally intended. I even made a 8 track reference and a few Caddyshack ones there at the end. Apparently Candi and I have had a shady past too. Yes the use of LOL! for no reason returns.

Dear brother,

Thank you for your mail.
You have to send me your bank account details so that i can purchase an application from the bank and fill it with your account details and submit it secretly to the bank on your behalf.
Do make sure that you keep me informed when you received any mail from
the Bank Of Africa so that i will furnish you with proper guidelines on how
to follow up with the bank for the release of the inherittance funds to
your account.

Waiting to hear from you,

Amiri Babo


Hellooooooooooo (Seinfeld reference remember?),
One time my brother shaved off my eyebrow and I got real mad. Then when he was sleeping I punched him right in his yam bag. Do you know what a yam bag is? Its what in this country we call the nuts. LOL! Anyway he wasn’t too happy about that but hey I wasn’t too happy to not have one eyebrow. Have you watched the Olympics any this winter? I was watching the biathalon because I like the idea of skiing and shooting. The only thing that could make this better is if it involved drinking beers. LOL!
I’m wondering why you never answered some of my questions about like having a pet tiger or something. I bet tiger poo is hard to get out of shag carpeting too! LOL! Then you didn’t even answer my request for pinkie promise which I said I needed to trust you but you didn’t put it in the email, why come? Candi still hasn’t found out about our plan to move the money into the accounts and stuff. She comes around and asks questions and I tell her, “Get back into the kitchen and fix me a turkey pot pie!” LOL! Well not really but I did say it once and she hit me right in the eyeball, then I spit on her and then the neighbors called the cops. Sometimes I think I should leave her. What do you think? Don’t tell her I asked you about this LOL! Last time you emailed me you said that you needed a picture of me, do you still need it? I took a sexy one of me in my thong swim suit. It really shows off my yam bag and it has leopard spots on it. It rides up my butt crack a little bit though. Trust me when you take off a thong you don’t want to smell the back part because it smells bad! LOL! Do you still need my phone number too? I can send you that if you need to talk to me about sending me the thing in the mail. Do you need my address too?
Tell me what exactly you need and I will send it to you remember I’m going to Monte Carlo soon and I want to get this done before I leave so when I get back the money will be in my account. I told my friends when the money comes we’re going to have a big party and Danny Terrio will be there. Did you have Dance Fever in your country. It was like the biggest show ever over here for a long time. Dance Fever was awesome I always wanted to be on it. It was so much better than Solid Gold and their stupid dancers. LOL! Solid Gold had people come on and sing but someone told me that they we’re really singing but only moving their mouths and the song was coming from an 8 track tape that was playing. I don’t think that’s true though because I see the persons mouth moving and hear their voice then it means they are singing. I think they said it is called lip singing when they do this. I don’t think anyone does lip singing though cause it looks like they are singing to me. I don’t know because I know I’m more smarter than most of the people that I no. Just let me know what you need from me and I’ll send it but I need to know from you if you have a pet tiger, and if you do what is its name? If I had a pet tiger I would name him Stripes because he has stripes. LOL! Did you ever see the movie Stripes it was a movie about these guys in the army. Then I saw a different movie and the guy that was in the movie I guess got a job at a golf course. He’s had some pretty cool jobs. LOL! There’s a guy in there who is mean named Judge Smails and his son eats boogers. I once new a guy who played golf and once hit a hole in one? Do you know who that was? Me? No my old roommate Mitch Cumstein. Let me know what you need and I can send it. I have to go watch the Great Space Coaster right now so I’ll talk to you later. It’s the great space coaster get on board it’s the great space coaster let’s explore. Talk to you later, are you married?

Franklin Stubbs

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The greatest thing to hit the NBA since Jordan retired

The intros from the 2006 All Star game. They did a space theme since it was in Houston. Watch this an you will realize why Shaquille O'Neal makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.


Monday, February 20, 2006

A new math formulat + babes on ice

This weekend I was informed that there is a standard formula for age ranges a guy can date. I don’t know where she heard this from but its reasonable. I guess. The formula is:

½ your age + 7 years

So for me that works out to be 23 ½ years old. Okay I can see that. Dammit my newest crush. Tanith Belbin is only 21. I guess when people ask I’ll just have to lie about my age. My life is so exciting I sat around last night for 4 1/2 hours waiting for her to do her thing.
Well according to her bio she's dating some other skater guy. Looks like I'll have to turn on the old Kev charm when I meet her, as if that would ever happen.
I guess there's always Anni Freisinger or Marianne Timmer.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Cash--Original Gangster Rapper

Early one mornin' while makin' the rounds
I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down
I went right home and I went to bed
I stuck that lovin' 44 beneath my head

Got up next mornin' and I grabbed that gun
Took a shot of cocaine and away I run
Made a good run but I run too slow
They overtook me down in Juarez Mexico

Late in the hot joints takin' the pills
In walked the sheriff from Jericho Hill
He said Willy Lee your name is not Jack Brown
You're the dirty hack that shot your woman down
Said yes oh yes my name is Willy Lee
If you've got the warrant just read it to me
Shot her down because she made me slow
I thought I was her daddy but she had five more

When I was arrested I was dressed in black
They put me on a train and they took me back
Had no friend for to go my bail
They slapped my dried up carcass in that country jail
Early next mornin' bout a half past nine
I spied the sheriff coming down the line
Talked and he coughed as he cleared his throat
He said come on you dirty heck into that district court

Into the courtroom my trial began
Where I was handled by twelve honest men
Just before the jury started out
I saw the little judge commence to look about
In about five minutes in walked the man
Holding the verdict in his right hand
The verdict read in the first degree
I hollered Lordy Lordy have a mercy on me

The judge he smiled as he picked up his pen
99 years in the Folsom pen
99 years underneath that ground
I can't forget the day I shot that bad bitch down
Come on you've gotta listen unto me lay off that whiskey and let that cocaine be

Got a new car last night

Its not officially the Rerunmobile until Tuesday night when the XM is installed in the car. No problems at the dealership it was pretty damn busy for a Thursday night.
On a somber note I haven't heard from my African friend yet today. I think he maybe trying a way to get me one of those gigantic checks when he gives me my share of the $25 million. Once I get the money we'll have a gigantic party with circus clowns, bears riding tricycles, and Danny Terrio!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Idol chatter

Get it "Idol Chatter" I used the other spelling of the word because I'm clever like that. Here's quite possibly my only American Idol post. Yeah I watch it so deal with it. Here's my picks and thoughts for this season. You can check out www.idolonfox.com for pictures of these folks and a whole lot more.

Becky O’Donohue- she’s a real pretty girl I think that didn’t hurt when she got picked to be in the final 12 girls.

Chris Daughtry- he’s a rocker type dude with a wife and kids. I think he needs to grow the hair out though his sideburns look a little goofy

Kellie Pickler- Blonde Southern girl she’s the Carrie Underwood character this year. She is real sweet ans seems in awe of everything

Gedeon McKinney- this guy has confidence and he is my dark horse to win the entire thing.

Lisa Tucker- she could win the whole thing and should last a long time
Paris Bennett-same deal as with Lisa Tucker her speaking voice is annoyingly high but she can really really sing. Paris and Lisa may actually cancel each other out.

Kevin Covais- Clay Aiken version 2.0 only put him on here because his name is Kevin. Seems like a kid who you would have picked on in high school. You wouldn’t expect his voice to come out of a kid who looks like him.

Taylor Hicks- I would by a album from this guy today. Is a cross between Joe Cocker and Curtis Stigers. I fully expect you don’t know who Curtis Stigers is he’s a one hit wonder. This guy has “it” whatever that may be.

Ace Young- Constantine version 2.0 will pull a big female vote may end up allegedly sleeping with Paula.

So I’m picking the final four to be Lisa, Paris, Gedeon, and Taylor

Okay my Idol talk for the season is over we'll see how I do when the finals roll around.

Woomp there it is.

Yes he wrote back and I rambled and rambled and rambled on. All typing and crimes against the English langauge are intended. Yes I am over using LOL! for no apparent reason. I want this guy to lie about knowing about Seinfeld.

Dear Friend,

How are you and family?

I am happy to receive your mail and your interest to assist me in this transaction and to realize it to ourselves. I will like us to put things straight before i tell
you what is to be done. In the first place, i work in the same bank where
this fund emanated and found floating in a fix depoite account of one of
our deceased customers.

The bank is about returning the money to it's treasury for use since nobody
is coming forward to claim the money on behalf of the family members of the

For sure, if the bank returns the money to their treasury account for it's use, nobody has right again to put claim without a legal backing. I decided to contact you to put forward an application for the claim on behalf of the
family of the deceased. You will forward an application as the business
partner or the next of kin to the deceased. I will forward this application
form which you should state your account details and instruct the bank to
pay the money there.

I will be in the bank and evrything about the approval and transfer will be
monitored from the beginning to the end. I will give you every information
about the deceased and i assure you of 100% risk free. You will not show
yourself to the bank, infact,i will be by your side.

However,I want you to assure me of your full cooperation and promise that you will not betray me. Reasure me of your sincerity and trustworthiness to
stick to our agreement. You should not deny me of my share when the money
enters your account.

Why i am demanding all these from you is that i am sure that if you follow
my instructions and obey the bank's directives, sky is our limit in this
transaction. Everything has been packaged for our benefit.

Finally, if i receive your favourable response, I will tell you what to do
and the text of the application form will be sent to you to fill and forward
to the bank to process the transfer to your account.

I want to hear more detail from you ,If this fund is
transfered to you ,there will be no betray from you

1 how can i trust you ?
2 Are you married ?
3 How old are you ?
4 I need one copy of your picture
5 I want your private phone number

Waiting to hear from you,

Amiri Babo.


Good Morning Mr. Babo,
Did you know your name reminds me of this chimp they taught sign language over here? The chimps name was Koko and it sort of sounds like Babo. They talked about it on this show called Seinfeld. You know about the show Seinfeld don’t you? I make it a point in my dealing with people that real honest people like the Seinfeld show. Do you like the Seinfeld show? What is your favorite episode? Well anyway I’m glad that you agreed to me getting the $9.5 million from the $25 million, because that is 30% of $25 million.
How do you like your job working at the bank? I now work mostly just for the company that my family owns it’s a restaurant called “Rob’s Place”. LOL! Its pretty popular with the cool people in Los Angeles. I live in a part called Watts it’s a pretty tought place to live but no one knows I have a lot of money so they don’t mess with me. What is it like where you live in Africa? I bet you have a pet tiger or lion or something right? Do they have pandas where you live? I want to wrestle a grizzly bear sometime. LOL!
There was this one time I was at my friends house and I was eating pudding and then I made a sound like I was puking and I spit out the pudding. LOL! The pudding was tapioca its good but the little balls in there seem like snot to me. I don’t like having those little balls in my mouth. Do they have food with little balls where you live?
You talk about you trusting me what about me trusting you? I think that the only way I can trust you is if we do a pinkie promise over the email. So you need to send back to me an email that says, “Pinkie promise, pinkie promise, pinkie promise three. I will make a promise not to screw over thee.” This is important because if I can’t get a pinkie promise I can’t do anything I think. LOL! With the pinkie promise and if you have a favorite Seinfeld episode then I will feel comfortable dealing with you. Do you know any marathon runners? There was a marathon runner on Seinfeld one time and Jerry made the guy miss the race because he messed with his alarm clock. That Jerry is such a scamp! LOL!
Do you have a pet dog? I was walking my do yesterday and I stepped in some old poop. I don’t like stepping in poop. It makes my shoe stink and then Candi yells at me for getting it on the shag carpet. LOL!! If I’ve learned one thing from her poop is hard to get out of a shag carpet. But hey that’s a woman’s job isn’t it LOL!!! I didn’t tell Candi about the money I’m getting from you yet. Would it be possible to get that written out on one of those gigantic checks like they give away when you win the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes? That would be cool if you could work that out somehow. LOL! I guess I should answer your questions because I’m sure you are busy working there at the bank and everything.

1 how can i trust you ? Because I watch Seinfeld and all good people watch Seinfeld. You watch don’t you. I’ve only gotten in trouble once when I tried to bootleg the Doobie Brothers concert. LOL! I tried to go into a show an record the concert with a tape recorder and I gots caught by the police. Have you ever been caught by the police for anything? The only other time I got in trouble was one time I beat up a guy because he was making fun of me while I was part of his dance team. LOL! I’m a good dancer just as your mom LOL!
2 Are you married ? No marriage is for suckers. Don’t tell Candi I said that though! LOL!
3 How old are you ? 24
4 I need one copy of your picture? Do you want one of me at the beach? I need to know because I can send you one in my swimming suit if you want me to. I went to the beach one time and I was in the ocean and my swimming trucks fell down and I think a perch bit my rear end. I don’t like the ocean much because sand gets in my bad places. One time when we were young my brother was with me at the beach and poured a bucket full of sand dowm my swim suit. I had sand in my foreskin for two weeks it was ouchy.
5 I want your private phone number. I don’t have a private phone yet since I just moved you can reach me at Rob’s Place restaurant in Watts California though. I don’t know the number there since I never call the place I just show up. When you call you can ask for Shirley don’t ask for Rob thought because its his place and he gets made when people call on the phone there. He says that people should be working and not talking on the telephono. I don’t know why he calls it the telephono he just does. LOL! There was one time that Rob got really mad because Shirley dropped a bunch of plates that Raj and I ordered. It was funny! LOL! Well I guess I shoud get dunn with this an let you get back to bank working. At your bank do they have a pen on a chain so you don’t steal them? Why would I want steal a pen I’d want to steal the money in the bank you silly gooses!!! LOL!

Later Dude,
Franklin Stubbs

Have you ever seen Teenage Mutant Ninka Turtles? I stoel dude from tehm those turtles were so cool. They got messed upo with some green stuff and they know a talking rat. I’m pretty sure it’s a true story because they had like three movies about them. Maybe I can send you a copy of the movie when we are done. Cowabunga! LOL! I have to go because I had Taco Bell for dinner last night and I think I just tooted and a little poo may have come out on my underwears. Has that ever happened to you. It looks like a car with brown tires did a burnout on the back of your underwears. I’m sure that has happened to you because everyone I know the back of their underwears looks like a car skidded out on them.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This could turn out to be real fun

I got this email today. I'm thinking this is totally legit. Okay I'm lying I know its not legit. Let's have some fun here. I didn't change anything in the original email and my response purposely makes me sound stupid. I await his response.

Just a bit of background there was a teacher at my high school with that name. Candi is a girl I work with and the line about Australian food is a little tip of the cap to Dwight Schrute on The Office. Oh and Ernest Thomas is Raj from What's Happenin'



Dear Friend,

I am the manager of bill and exchange at the foreign remittance department BANKOF AFRICA .In my department we discovered an abandoned sum of U.S$25M US dollars (Tweenty five Million US dollars) in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer who died along with his entire family in November 2002 in a plane crash.Since we got information about his death, we have been expecting his next if kin to come over and claim his money because we cannot release it unless somebody applies for it as next of kin or relation to the deceased as indicated in our banking guidlines and laws but unfortunately we learnt that all his supposed next of kin or relation died alongside with him at the plane crash leaving nobody behind for the claim.

It is therefore upon this discovery that I now decided to make this business proposal to you so that the money will be released to you as the next of kin or relation to the deceased for safety and subsequent disbursement since nobody is coming for it and we don't want this money to go into the bank treasury as unclaimed bill.The banking law and guidline here stipulates that if such money remained unclaimed after four years, the money will be transfered into the bank treasury as unclaimed bill.

The request of foreigner as next of kin in this business is occassioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and a Burkinabe cannot stand as next of kin to a foreigner.I propose that 30% of this money will be for you as my foreign partner, in respect to the provision of a foreign account, 10% will be set aside for expenses incured during the business and 60% would be for me. Thereafter I will visit your country for disbursement according to the percentages indicated.

Therefore, to enable the immediate transfer of this fund to you as arranged, you must apply first to the bank as relation or next of kin of the deceased indicating your bank name, your bank account number, your private telephone and fax number for easy and effective communication and locationwherein the money will be remitted.Upon receipt of your reply, I will send to you by e-mail a text of theapplication which you'll fill in and send to the bank's email address.. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this transaction is hitch-free and that you should not entertain any atom of fear as all required arrangements have been made for the transfer.You should contact me immediately as soon as you receive this letter for further clearifications.

Yours faithfully,


Good Day Mr Babo
There was a teacher at my high school name Mr. Amiri and I had a dog named Babo when I was a kid, hmmm odd. Anyway my mom always taught me to help people out in a situation so I am more than willing to help you out. I’m just wondering if the person who died in the plane crash was a sexy if he wasn’t as sexy as me no one would believe we were related. I’m talking I’m real sexy people tell me I look like a young Ernest Thomas.
I’m not too good at math but I think 30% of $25 million dollars is $9.5 million and I don’t think I can pass up this opportunity. I was wondering do you have a passport to get into the US from your country for the disbursement of my part of the money. I didn’t graduate from high school so I ain’t too sure what disbursement means, but disbursement is good right? It’s a good thing that my daddy left me the family business and I just take money for me directly out of their bank account. I don’t have to work much but I get payed lots of money. I have some nice spinning rims on my El Camino.
How long will this transaction take place. So please send me that paperwork whatever I have to print out I want to make a surprise my girlfriend Candi on her birthday. She really wants to get a set of gold fronts for her teeths but I don’t want to spend the money. Once I get disbursed from you I can buy her the fronts for her teeths. I am hoping to hear from you very much as I’m sure you are very nice sir. I have to go now as Candi is telling me that my corn dogs and macaroni and cheese are done. Yesterday for Valentine’s Day (do you have Valentine’s Day) in the country of Africa? Candi gots me a gift certificate for some Australian food at Outback Steak House. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours truly,
Franklin Stubbs

It was Valentine's Day yesterday right?

Well for Valentine’s Day last night Version 2 and myself went to Culvers per V2’s request. The place was packed and I have no idea why. It was seriously the busiest we’ve ever seen the place. I thought for sure it would be pretty empty but I was proved wrong.

I may be rolling in a new Rerunmobile pretty soon. I got a letter from the place I bought my car at and they said that they can get me a monthly payment less than I’m paying now. Well that got me interested so I’m going to check it out on Thursday. Worst case scenario I’ll have another great car dealership story like the infamous story involving Rockenbach Chevrolet a few years ago. That was one of the two times in the last 10 years or so that I’ve wanted to seriously punch someone. The other time was the Brewers game on the 1 year anniversary of 9/11, that story is posted on here somewhere too I think.

Seacrest, out.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Okay intelligent readers try and explain this one

Why are they saying the Olympics are in Torino when the actual name of the city they are in is called Turin?

Look at the link here. Its listed as the Torino games but the bid city is listed as Turin. Is the area around the city where the games are bing held called Torino? I don't know.

Never mind I found out myself from this. Looks like NBC is going against the grain and using the Italian pronunciation of the city name.

Okay get back to your life now. Someone is reading this and thinking "Stupid American thinking the world revolves around them." Well it does.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm a fool

Well guess what I overreacted again. Seems to be a running theme with me lately. The Hurri called on Friday but next weekend she's ging out of town. We'll try and set something up for the week after she gets back. I think my timing isn't that great. Well have to wait and see, I'm sure an update will follow early next week. You can disregard the last update on here it was a little premature I guess.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well from all appearances the Hurri has been downgraded to a tropical storm. I called her about going out for dinner next weekend and haven't heard back. I said this was my last attempt to throw the line into the water with her and I fiugre that now its a pretty much a done deal. She was a real nice girl, I treated her like a lady but I guess that wasn't enough. I guess I'll move on to whatever comes next along the way. If you do know an Ellen that works at a huge pharmaceutical company tell her I dug her, sorry things didn't work out for whatever reason.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The truth is out

Rerun from What's Happenin --

A real life terminator

'How" will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

My non-gimmick named I was- "visually addictive"

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

That's my boy.

I called Version 2 this afternoon since he was at home since he went to the doctor for the yearly check up today. I had him ask his mom a question and then he came back after a while and gave me an answer. He was gone for a while so I asked what his mom was doing. He says, “She’s taking a poop.” After I hear him say that I hear his mom in that background saying his name and telling him not to say that. Then he says to me “She’s pinching a loaf.” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

It was 9 years ago today when Sergeant Pepper...

Well Version 2 turns 9 today and that makes me feel older than my actual birthday. I guess he'd be Version 2.9 then today.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I have no title to put here. Deal with it.

This weekend was nothing special just some short observations. Saturday I didn’t do much I saved $35 and didn’t order the UFC PPV seems like I didn’t miss anything. I’ll be getting the next one though for sure. I picked up the Pedro figure from Napoleon Dynamite and now only have to get dancing Nap to complete the first series.
Sunday went to church, went to Target and bought a movie from a lady that made a strong showing on the Top 25 list. I’m not going to tell you what movie it was because I’m embarrassed that I own it now. The Super Bowl was alright. The guy in the Bud Light bear ad I thought looked just like the guy from Grizzly Man and the commercial is called “Save Yourself” which makes the ad funny on two levels. Oh and I filed my taxes big whoop. Version 2 turns the big niner on Tuesday so guess who’s hitting up the Chuck E Cheese. Don’t pretend like you’re not jealous. Now go out and do something with your life.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dreams really do come true

Well it started about 3 years ago I guess. Version 2 asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I'm not really a gift giving kind of guy so I just told him an autographed picture of my favorite Chicago news anchor. The first Christmas it was not to be found....the next birthday the same requset to no avail. Then three years later and here we have it.

Yep there it is. Best birthday gift ever.



Busey & Zane in what appears to be a Turkish propoganda movie against the US.

Things with the Hurri

are currently in a holding pattern for about a week or so. Going to take some time to see how things shake out. To some ut u p best here's a little knowledge from John Legend:

We're just ordinary people
We don't know which way to go
Cause we're ordinary people
Maybe we should take it slow (Take it slow oh oh ohh)
This time we'll take it slow (Take it slow oh oh ohh)
This time we'll take it slow

His album is pretty boss.

I'll update anything with the situation as it warrants.

Next week I'll put up some more pictures from Camp Katrina as I'm getting copies of the pictures that other folks took.

Going to be tutoring a kid in math starting next Monday.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Who could have seen this coming?

Who would have ever thought that the guy from Bubble Boy would be nominated for an Oscar?

I'll admit it Bubble Boy is a guilty pleasure. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR!!