Random Ramblings

Monday, July 31, 2006

Random Ramblings: Gotta click this

Random Ramblings: Gotta click this

Remeber this entry from about 6 months ago. I ran across this site again and they did a little touch up and now the little kid can do math.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stupid technology

My phone is on its death bed….again. It contracted something on July 15th and wasn’t able to pull through. It dials people at random times and at other times none of the buttons actually work. There is a replacement on the way and I should have it by Friday. This time I’m sure I won’t lose anyone’s number. If I don’t have you number and would like a friendly phone call from yours truly just send me your number and best time to call and I’ll give you a call.

There is a new single out there from Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. The song “London Bridge” is like the auditory version of fecal matter. It is possibly the worst song in the last 10 years. Fergie’s single makes Paris Hilton’s sound good. I strongly suggest you check out “London Bridge” as soon as possible to hear it.

I've opened my first dance club its called ClubWet. Trust me all your friends will be talking about it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


piece of clothing ever produced on this planet.
Of course I will be picking up one. If you don't get the joke you should be ashamed of yourself.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Read this and realize….

what a bore my life has become. This weekend was actually generally pretty crappy, nothing bad happened but nothing really too great either. Friday I had to go and get a new wallet since the part that my cards and stuff are in tore in my old one. It didn’t take too long to find a new one at Kohl’s. I also picked up a Where the Wild Things Are shirt (because that book rules) and a Family Guy one with Peter that says “Everybody Loves a Big Guy”, its true isn’t it? Saturday I went and saw the fantastic Clerks II, a nice little extension of the first one and quite outstanding. This is one movie that you can leave the kids home for. Rosario Dawson she’s a hottie. If there’s one thing to remember from the movie sometimes its alright to go….well never mind.
Sunday ran out to Target and picked up some stuff and watched a movie that Jason said I should watch called Stevie on IFC. It was an interesting flick by the same guy who did Hoop Dreams. Then that night I watched my usual Entourage, Lucky Louie, and the last Tourgasm.
Seriously I have bad, bad, bad insomnia the past week or so. It’s over some really stupid crap that I really can’t do anything about anyway. The likelihood of anything actually happening that is keeping me awake is slim to none. Its nothing bad but it just when I get in bed my mind begins to wonder. If you really want to know ask and I may tell you what its about and I may not.
Its boring do nothing weekends like this that I realize I need a chick to hang out with again. If you’re reading this help a brother out for Pete’s sake!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cue the sappy music.....

Well you may have already heard, and yes it’s true, the non puking streak came to an abrupt end the early evening of July 16, 2006. It had been a good 13 year run but my own stupidity and the heat added up to the end of the streak. I did 4 small 98% water based pukes in about 3 minutes and that was how it all came to an end. I should have good enough numbers to get into the Hall anyway still.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Feel free to use this one

Next time you're at a bar order a drink "Paula Abdul".

What's that?

Straight Up.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Looks like I’ll be channeling Larry King again for this entry:

VH1 has a new show called the “World Series of Pop Culture” trying to find a team of three in a tourney format that is the best in the nation. Honestly the show is incredibly easy. I saw two episodes last night and the only category I didn’t own was one on British pop music because well….it sucks. I called my brother and if him, my brother in law and I got together as a team we could win the thing. The brother in law is a nice compliment to our pop culture chops with his sci fi pop culture knowledge. Thumbs down VH1 on making this show so easy.

Pimp My Ride started a new season yes I’m 33 and still watch Pimp My Ride and they aren’t using West Coast Customs anymore. They have a new garage doing the stuff and the dude running the garage comes across very “douchy”. They still have the same electronics guy from West Coast though. The new garage is Galpin Auto Sports. I just don’t think that, “Let’s take it to Galpin Auto Sports!” has the same ring as “Let’s take it to the West Coast!” Added negative the new garage has some of the ugliest shirts I’ve ever seen and everyone on the show has a dumb gimmick it seems. They have one guy with big spikes in his hair who looks like a complete tool.

I’ve noticed something about Chicago’s own John Cusack. Seems like in a lot of his movie the long coat always plays a part. Two in particular come to mind, Say Anything and the recently viewed Must Love Dogs which wasn’t as bad as advertised. I’ve also noticed that for some reason every movie that John Cusack is in seems to mirror my life one way or another. I’ve never owned a vintage record shop or stood outside a girls window with a boom box playing Peter Gabriel, well there was that one time but the court said I had to stop doing that. It sad to admit your life has turned into a John Cusack movie. Good thing my sister isn’t as annoying a Joan Cusack, she’s pretty close though…ZING!

Can we get either Dermot Mulroney or Dylan McDermott to change their names. I always gets these two dudes mixed up.

That’s all I got go see Clerks II the weekend of the 21st.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Here's a list that I don;t update often....

Welcome folks this special entry into the Ramblings is to enshrine another entity onto the f#ck-o list. This list is more exclusive then the well known list. Actually is has been a while since I’ve added something to the list so you can get a little background and see the other members that are part of the f#ck-o list here.
Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce that TCF Bank has officially been entered for all eternity onto the f#ck-o list. It have been many months that I have dealt with this bank unfortunately and during the big baseball tour I had reached my end point with them. The only reason I started banking with them in the first place was because it was easy to get to at any Jewel. There were some stretches when I had no problems with TCF Bank until the past few months with little minor service charges.
First off I would get charged if I used the Visa they gave me as a debit card to buy something. I asked as to what these monthly charges were for and that’s what they told me. I said fine whatever and I started just using it as a credit card. Actually when I got the card no one told me that I would be charged if I used it as a debit card. That whole issue there was basically taken care of with a phone call to them. The big problem came when I got back from the baseball tour and found out that they had charged me out the a-hole to use the an ATM twice while in Michigan. I used the machines fully realizing that I was going to get chipped $2 by whoever runs the machine an “any additional fees that would be charged by your financial institution”. Come to find out 2 ATM withdrawals later that for an out of state ATM withdrawal its, go ahead take a guess……..$9. Yes you read that correctly it was an additional $4.50 for both of the times that I took money out of an ATM in Michigan. The machines there were part of the network that TCF is on and I had no idea that I would be paying an additional $4.50 to use them. Sure I could see paying a few buck for each one but $9, get out of here. So needless to say after I get paid on Friday I’m going to TCF on the way home and leaving as little money in there as possible, because I’m sure they will give me so crap about “charges that may be outstanding” and going to another bank. So welcome TCF Bank to the f#ck-o.
On the serious side I would encourage every one to have a f#cko list and list the companies or organizations that would be on your personal list. It could serve as a warning to everyone out there of those who deserve the f#ck-o distinction.

My personal f#ck-o list
1) Rockenbach Chevrolet
2) Craphole One a.k.a Capitol One
4) TCF Express

Okay I’m dumping on it…

Went with V2 this weekend to see Superman of course. Let me say this the movie was a real stinker. I’m sure more hardcore Superman fans had a bigger problem with the movie than I did. Lex Luthor was entertaining as was expected and Superman was not too bad. Now you’re probably wondering what my big problem with the movie was? Well here it is, Superman left Earth 5 years ago. He comes back and Lois Lane has a kid that is his…..but the kid is older than 5 years old!!!! How could Clark not know that she had a kid when she had the kid before he left Earth? It defies reason people, if the kid was his then the kid should be younger than 5 years old for ho to not know about him. Think about it folks this plot point basically made the whole movie stink for me. Version 2 only gave it a 5 on a 10 point scale. Batman Begins and X2 were much better than Superman. I don’t see how they can explain how the kid was like at least 6 or 7 and Superman didn’t know about him. Weak dude, weak.