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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dang it America

Well you really did it last night America, didn't you? The most entertaining AI contestant is now off the show. No more talk of calamari, her thinking Simon called her a mink, or asking what a ballsy was. I'm in a 24 hour period of mourning. See you at the finally Kellie.

Did you notice that they had a different version of "Bad Day" when they showed the video rehash of her on the show?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just a few things

Tonight if America votes Kellie Pickler off American Idol I will take a hostage. Sure she isn’t the greatest singer but I do find her the most entertaining on the show. Some say she’s playing up the naïve angle but I don’t think she is.

If you didn’t watch The Sopranos this past week you should try and catch it on a replay. It had to be one of my most memorable one because of some wacky stuff that happened. Ben Kingsley was on it as himself being hassled by Christopher and his idea for a movie that is “Saw” meets “The Godfather”. Oh and Lauren Bacall, also playing herself, was knocked out by Christopher. Yes you read that last sentence correctly, seeing it made me laugh out loud.

Robot Chicken on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. You should be watching it.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

If you aren't a nerd you can skip this one...

I think the new Superman suit is brutal. They goofed around with the colors of it and made it darker. The only thing I like about it is the shield on the front is not painted on its actually raised from the suit. If Clakr Kent is wearing it under a regular suit won't people see that jutting out? The newer Batman suit was tops but this new Superman suit stinks. The toys for this movie also stink as both I and Version 2 saw them and agreed they stink.

From out friends at Yahoo


New Technology May Force TV Ad Viewing
By MAY WONG, AP Technology Writer Wed Apr 19, 9:51 PM ET

SAN JOSE, Calif. - In this era of easy ad skipping with TiVo and TiVo-like video recorders, could television viewers one day be forced to watch commercials with a system that prevents channel switching?
Yes, according to Royal Philips Electronics. A patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office says researchers of the Netherland-based consumer electronics company have created a technology that could let broadcasters freeze a channel during a commercial, so viewers wouldn't be able to avoid it.

The pending patent, published on March 30, says the feature would be implemented on a program-by-program basis. Devices that could carry the technology would be a television or a set-top-box.

Philips acknowledged, however, that the anti-channel changing technology might not sit well with consumers and suggested in its patent filing that consumers be allowed to avoid the feature if they paid broadcasters a fee.

On Wednesday, company officials issued a statement that noted the technology also enables the opposite: allowing viewers to watch television without advertising. The intention was never to force viewers to watch ads against their will, the company said of the technology.
"We developed a system where the viewer can choose, at the beginning of a movie, to either watch the movie without ads, or watch the movie with ads," the company stated. "It is up to the viewer to take this decision, and up to the broadcaster to offer the various services."
The company also said it had no plans to use the technology in any of its products.
Philips wanted to provide the technology and seek the patent only as part of the broader developments within the industry, Philips spokesman Andre Manning said.

Let me be the first to say F THIS!! Screw Phillips.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Random email I sent today that I laughed too much at

If you ever go to the Grand Canyon remember to befriend an Indian kid and then you can sneak him hot dogs and baked beans in a flashlight. If I was that Indian kid I'd be like, "Honestly dude I'm not eating no damn baked beans out of a flashlight. Hot dogs? Sure. Baked beans? No. Your Indian name is "Thought Was My Friend But Really A Douche." Baked beans in a flashlight…what a dick."

This was obviously in reference to the Brady Bunch Grand Canyon vacation episode. I think if this did happen it would have made the episode more enjoyable.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm a celebrity...well at least people will think I am

This summer we’re taking a little jaunt to Cleveland and Detroit to visit the ballparks there. There will be two other besides me in on this adventure, my brother and version 2. While we are out there I’m going to employ my brother and version 2 to test out a little theory that I have. Basically the theory is that all of America loves celebrity and I will pose as a minor celebrity to see the reaction.
The test starts out like this, I’m sort of standing around a group of folks waiting before the game starts or whatever. Then version 2 and my brother come up and ask me if I’m so and so like the know who I am and are “fans” of mine. Then ask for my autograph, I get my brother to take a picture of me with Version 2. While the “fans” are there I talk to them about the upcoming album ask them if they like the songs on it, see if they have seen me on tour. Basically selling the idea that I’m some big music star. People hear me talking to my “fans” and feel compelled to ask me about it once the “fans” walk away. I’m going to bet that at least one person will ask me about it and maybe even ask for an autograph even though they have no idea who I am. I’m going to be a celebrity on a ruse only but I’m betting I sign more than one autograph if we play it right. I’ve got to work out more of the details of this but this is the basic outline.

Quick AI observation

When Ace gets the boot I can guarantee that he will cry on national TV. After seeing him in the bottom 3 the past few weeks and espsicailly last night there is no doubt he's will start crying.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Just wondering...

Why do people feel the need to bring their kids into work on their day off? I would never bring version 2 to where I work. Well on second thought maybe I would; I'd use it as a "scared straight" type experience.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Super Weekend Wrap Up

It was a pretty busy weekend with a lot of wrestling and not a lot of sleep. Here we go, its sort of stream of consciousness so deal with it:

Friday didn’t do much after work since I knew that the rest of the weekend would be pretty busy. I scored 5 boxes of the cheap Crystal Light knock off at Walmart that they sell. I looked like a crack head when I saw it. I rented the movie “A History of Violence” from Blockbuster for free since they didn’t have it last time. I’m glad I got it for free since it sort stunk. After that I watched the BBC The Office just to see David Brent dance in the one episode. Good stuff right there.

Saturday-Met up with fellow Chicago wrestling legend, Maestroken, to go see Ring of Honor in Chicago Ridge. We walked to the place and were going under 294 and I did the total oversell when a pigeon flew out form the underpass. My peripheral vision tricked me as I though the thing was coming right at my head. We ate before the show at your every town having mom and pop restaurant type place. There seemed to be a mafia type feel to the place as there was a guy outside that was wearing a pinky ring and driving a black Caddy. I didn’t spend too much at the gimmick table. The show also had the largest crowd in ROH history with folks in town for Wrestlemania. They had some guys in from Japanese who were pretty phenomenal. The card was alright but since they don’t run here on a regular basis I really don’t care about their angles. Lance Storm still looked pretty good and could be in WWE probably if he wanted to be. There were no slingshot suplexes on this show to my dismay. Not to ROH fans….a little overdone on the streamers, less is more remember. They are doing this feud with another fed and some of their guys did a big run in that killed the crowd because no one could see what was happening. Then on the way out of the building one of the guys threw a chair towards the ring and hit a girl in the third row. Pretty much a dick move. Lots of title belts were seen, a kid three rows in front of me had three of them. That guy was pretty cool…smell the sarcasm. I’m not the only one that hates wrestling fans.

Sunday-Picked up Jason for Mania around 3:00 and headed down to the big show. I’m not going to go into each and every little thing. If you want to know what went down there’s a million places to find that. The WWE gimmicks stunk at the show. No Flair shirt, I was a little pissed. If it wasn’t Mania related, HHH, HBK, Orton, Angle, or Rey you were pretty much screwed. A couple of show related highlights:
1) Flair suplex off the ladder, the guy is 57 and doing that stuff is incredible.
2) Shelton Benjamin off the ropes high onto the ladder. That may have been move of the night if you ask me. A small margin for error in that one.
3) The crowd turning on Trish during the match. Mickiemania starts in Chicago.
4) Vince is a juiced up freak.
5) Seeing Rey win was kind of cool, even though I don’t really buy him as champ.
A couple of local guys Eric Priest and CM Punk and some other dudes were the druids and gangsters last night which is pretty cool. When we sat down there were two like 8 year old kids sitting there with the spinner belts. I was talking to them before I sat down and then I asked if I could spin the belt. He said no. I got served by an 8 year old. At the end of the night he was booing Cena though. There was all kinds of Cena hate all around Allstate Arena. Jason and I actually got the yea/boo chant over with the Mania crowd. We didn’t do it all night except for the main event. They did an exchange of punches which the crowd did the yea/boo to. It was pretty sweet, a true Tool moment. After Cena retained the crowd cheered but there was also a lot of people pissing vinegar too. I’m interested to see how Raw goes tonight. Priest and Punk will probably make another appearance as security guards or something like that if the need guards for an angle.

One last note: I had to buy a new watch because on the one I had I couldn’t figure out how to have it jump ahead with the time change. I wish I could say it was a real complicated watch but it only had three buttons. I tried to change it after the ROH show and screwed around quite a bit with it and just said screw it and bought a new watch this one is analog so its easier to deal with. In case you are wondering I DID NOT buy a Timex since they showed no interest in becoming the official timepiece of me I bought a Casio. Take that Timex, I speak my allegiance at the cash register!!!!

This is about all I can think of now. If I feel like it when I get home I’ll post my pictures of #13 Victoria here.