Random Ramblings

Thursday, November 16, 2006

This one falls into the...

hot chicks as stores category. Much like this adventure from a little while back.

Bad showing at Petsmart last night. I had to go get Lucy (Boston Terrier that I got v2 for Christmas early) some food and look at some stuff. Okay I had to look at a dog sweater, Lucy is still pretty little and really doesn't have too much hair so when its cold outside she actually shivers when she goes out sometimes. At Petsmart there is about 25% of a row with "dog clothes" on it. All kinds of goofy crap shirts and stuff but there are also the sweaters which actually serve a purpose. Oh and that part of the aisle is 100% looked at by chicks I have never ever ever ever seen a guy looking at dog clothes there. So last night I had to bite the bullet for the dog and look at the sweaters. I'm in the aisle trying to look like I'm not really looking at them and you can probably guess what happened. This incredibly hot chick comes down the aisle and there's big stupid me standing there looking at the dog sweaters. I felt like a complete idiot and wanted to stop and tell her that I was really looking for something to keep the dog warm and that I wasn't looking for a dog outfit to compliment my own. Nothing is more emasculating then looking at dog clothes.

Things are the same on the lady front, send me your candidates!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I didn't expect this so soon.....

Reese moves quickly.....

From our friends at the AP:

Reese Witherspoon files for divorce
Wed Nov 8, 9:02 PM ET
LOS ANGELES - Nearly two weeks after Reese Witherspoon announced her separation from
Ryan Phillippe the actress has filed for divorce. In Wednesday's filing, Witherspoon cites "irreconcilable differences" and seeks physical custody of the couple's two children — 7-year-old Ava and 3-year-old Deacon.

Witherspoon, 30, also seeks visitation for Phillippe, 32, and "exclusive use of the family residence." Witherspoon also asked for the court to terminate its ability to award spousal support to Phillippe.

A call to Phillippe's publicist, Nancy Ryder, was not immediately returned Wednesday.
The filing does not list separate or community property, saying the nature of the assets has yet to be determined.

The couple, who costarred in the 1999 release "Cruel Intentions," married that year. Their separation was announced Oct. 30 by a publicist who declined to elaborate on the reason for the split.

In March, Witherspoon won an Academy Award for her role as June Carter Cash in 2005's "Walk the Line." Phillippe costarred in the best-picture Oscar winner, "Crash," and is starring in
Clint Eastwood's latest film, the World War II drama "Flags of Our Fathers."

Think about it Reese you go from being married to a Hollywood douche and start dating an average midwestern guy with a regular job. The public would love you even more than they do now. We'd probably get a guest spot on Oprah since Oprah would feel like she was part of the story since I live close to Chicago. I could probably even squirt out a tear on Oprah if I thought it would make better television. Give me a call Reese and we can set up so photo ops that don't look staged and People an Us Magazine will wonder who the new man in Reese's life is.