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Friday, September 30, 2005

Top this one

I'm in the Columbia House DVD club. Its kind of lame and makes me feel like Michael Corleone because everytime I try to get out they pull me back in. Honestly I get a deal on some movies that I don't feel like tracking down at Best Buy cause I'm lazy like that. Today I ordered the Triple Threat Terror and got a deal on all three of them:

The Shining
Road House
The Karate Kid

Choke on it, jealous fools.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Official Timepiece update

Well quick weekend review AND a note about Kev Swag Timex.

Saturday-Nate had a game so we checked that out. The team works on stuff on Tuesdays but when Saturday comes seems like all goes out the window. There were quite a few times on Saturday where Nate would be the last guy between the other team with the ball and the goalie…that’s all good but he wasn’t playing defense he was midfield. Basically there were times when the defense totally disappeared for a spell. This year so far they are 0-2-1, there are times when they play pretty well but others not so well. The ex hates the coach and thinks he’s an idiot. I’m going to coach a team in the spring and we all know she already thinks I’m an idiot so you see a trend there. That was about all of note that happened on Saturday.

Sunday-Watched a little football and then went to the U2 show in Milwaukee at the Bradley Center. The show was absolutely spectacular the getting home sucked though. After the show we were waiting to get out of the parking garage for just over an hour. Stupid people in Milwaukee don’t know how to run a parking structure. Bad news at the show though, my Timex watch band broke a little. Then Monday I got this email about my email I sent them:

Dear Kevin,
Thank you for your interest in partnering with Timex Corporation. Timex Corporation receives many requests for sponsorship and hence must insist that you abide by the following procedures.

Timex Corporation accepts sponsorship requests July 1 through October 31. If, for example, you are seeking sponsorship in 2004, your window for submitting a proposal begins July 1, 2003 and ends October 31, 2003.
Timex Corporation's policy is to accept only those proposals that arrive via certified mail. Accordingly, proposals should be sent to:

Timex Corporation
Sponsorship Proposal
c/o Dave O'Brien
555 Christian Road
Middlebury, CT 06762

Please ensure that "Sponsorship Proposal” is clearly labeled on the envelope. Email proposals will be discarded.

Timex Corporation encourages that you submit proposals that are clear and concise and that incorporate the following:

the nature of the proposal
the cost of the proposal for Timex
the benefits all parties would receive should a relationship be formed
all pertinent timing issues
potential retailing opportunities
potential media exposure and impressions
demographic information pertaining to the proposed sponsorship
contact information of the person submitting the proposal including mailing address, phone number, email address, and fax number

Timex Corporation is more interested in sponsorship opportunities that have the potential to drive sales, as opposed to increasing brand awareness.
Timex Corporation will answer all proposals meeting the aforementioned guidelines as quickly as possible. Notification will either be via email or mail depending on time constraints.

Charitable donation requests should be forwarded to the attention of the Timex Human Resources Department c/o Bob Ricci at the address shown above.

I hope this helps. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Please include this entire email in your next communication for us to serve you better.


Timex Customer Service.kc

I figure a certified letter only cost I think $2.30 or right around there so yeah I’m going to send this to the Sponsorship Department at Timex. I’ll post a copy of the letter that I send them here also, I’m going to jazz up the email a bit and send it off. I can hardly believe they took the time to respond back to me. As of right now I do not, I repeat do not have an official timepiece but am open to negotiations. If you hear word on the street that Timex has been named the official timepiece of me that is mere rumor at this point. I just don’t want this to get out of hand because you know how it can be once the media get a hold of hot stories like this. I guess that is all for right now I’ll probably get the Timex letter written up this weekend as the deadline to submit is the end of October. I have to remember to add that I grant full rights to Timex to use my name and/or likeness in any advertising should they seem so inclined to do so. Just remember as of this moment I do not have an official timepiece, don’t believe everything you hear.

Just had a great idea. This weekend I'm heading to Saint Louis to go to the last regular season game at Busch Stadium. I'm going to take so photos of me telling people the time. Get some great shots of of me standing in front of a big group of people so it looks like I'm actually saying what time it is while my current Timex is prominently displayed.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Kev Swag attempt #1

For some background on Kev Swag you can check out this. Seriously my watch band is breaking and I can't just replace the band as its connected to the main watch part. Its an Ironman watch (you know all those triathalons that I do) and is made by Timex. To start the drive to have official items of me I sent this email to Timex. To customer service and the marketing department. I'll let you know what I hear back....how can they not want to be the official timepiece of me?

Dear Timex Corporation,
I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Kevin and I am currently live in suburban Chicago. I have worn a Timex watch for a number of years and have a opportunity that I believe that in the grand scheme of things Timex may be interested in. I know that many corporations provide free items to award shows to provide to performers that appear on aforementioned shows. Many times you will see that the gift bag given out at the Oscars has a value of $100,000 of items in the bag. The corporations do this to sort of market to the general public in a different way. If a famous actor gets something in a gift bag and that picture makes it into People magazine people may want to own the same item that was seen being used by some celebrity.
This is where Timex would come into the picture but in a much better way. As I explained earlier I have worn a Timex watch for many years and unfortunately the band on my Ironman watch is starting to break. Its connected to the watch in such a way that I cannot simply replace the watchband, I have to buy a new watch. This got me thinking what if I contacted Timex and made Timex watches the official watch of suburban Chicagoan Kevin? What would Timex get out of provided me with a free Timex watch aside from being the official watch of Kevin? Well every time that some asked me what time is it I would simply reply, “The official timepiece of Kevin says the Timex time is 1:15.” Product placement at its best, I get asked what time it is between 7 to 14 times a week, over a year that would be 728 mentions of the Timex name alone! I would also say it in a loud enough voice for those around me to also hear the mention of the Timex name, thus adding to the product mentions throughout the year. In addition to being the official timepiece of Kevin I would no longer call it a watch it would be a Timex. This would add additional mentions throughout the year. I think we can agree you can’t go wrong with word of mouth advertising.
Now you are probably wondering to yourself, “Geez how can I become the official timepiece of suburban Chicagoan Kevin?” Simply provide me with a modest priced Timex timepiece and it would be the official timepiece of suburban Chicagoan Kevin. I’m thinking for style and functionality the watch found here:
http://www.timex.com/bin/detail.tmx?item=048148529137 Would be an ideal fit to become the official timepiece of suburban Chicagoan Kevin DeBolt. The sooner I receive the Timex the sooner it becomes the official timepiece. Please contact me with any questions that you may have and I can also provide my shipping address because I’m sure a fine company like Timex would not want to pass up this fantastic opportunity. Hoping to hear from you soon have a fantastic day.

Round Lake Beach, IL

Sent 9/23

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dang it

I'm sick today my throat is on fire and I feel like poo. I did get smoe Mr. T ring tones for my phone though. This is the yin and yang of life I guess

Monday, September 12, 2005

Chimps Gone Wild, what part 87?

From our pals at cnn.com:

Chimps killed after zoo escape

Monday, September 12, 2005; Posted: 12:26 p.m. EDT (16:26 GMT)
Royal, Nebraska (AP) -- Three chimpanzees from a small-town zoo were shot and killed after they escaped from their enclosure and could not be captured, the zoo director said.
The primates at Zoo Nebraska were able to get out of the cage Saturday when a padlock was not completely closed after cleaning, said zoo director Ken Schlueter Jr. He killed the animals with a deputy's service revolver after a tranquilizer gun didn't show any effect.

No people were hurt, state patrol spokeswoman Deb Collins said. The zoo is located in Royal, a northeastern Nebraska village of 75; one of its major donors was the late entertainer Johnny Carson.

After the chimps lifted the padlock and broke out, employees immediately moved visitors into an office area, but the chimps tried to get into the building, Schlueter said.
"When it became apparent there'd be danger here, they had to be destroyed," Schlueter told the Lincoln Journal Star.

Schlueter did not immediately return a message left for him by The Associated Press on Monday.

The Nebraska State Patrol and Antelope County Sheriff's Department were called to help capture the animals. A fourth chimpanzee also escaped, but quickly returned to its cage, officials said.

The seven-acre zoo opened 18 years ago as the Midwest Primate Research Facility with one animal -- a chimpanzee named Reuben, one of those killed Saturday. Carson, the late host of NBC's "The Tonight Show" who grew up not far from Royal, donated $55,000 to the zoo for the Carson Center for Chimps 15 years ago and an additional $20,000 more recently. He died in January.

Schlueter said the chimps weighed up to 300 pounds or more, and he shot two of them with a tranquilizer gun, but the tranquilizers had not taken effect after five minutes.

The danger chimps pose to humans was highlighted when a man and his wife were attacked by chimpanzees March 3 at the Animal Haven Ranch near Bakersfield, California. The man was severely mauled and the woman lost part of her thumb before the animals where shot to death.
The Nebraska animals' carcasses were flown Sunday to a zoo in St. Louis, where autopsies were planned.

The media just won't let this guy forget about the beatdown he got from some chimps.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


From our pals at foxnews.com:

Rolling Stones Fight for Radio Play, Hire Expert
It’s not easy being the world’s greatest rock and roll band. The Rolling Stones, currently on tour and selling tickets for $450 a pop, are having so much trouble getting their new single played on the radio that they’ve even hired a specialist to help them.

“Rough Justice,” a song with just enough salacious bite in the lyrics to get someone’s attention, would have benefited from being banned. Unfortunately, its double entendres haven’t sparked enough interest one way or another. The result is an uphill battle to get played on stations that are crowded with younger acts — many of whom owe their existence to the Stones.
As of last week, “Rough Justice” did not register on the mainstream airplay charts on the Billboard Radio Monitor at all.

On that chart, the No. 1 single, “Listen to Your Heart,” a sterile remake of a pretty bad 1989 Roxette single, had 7,666 “spins” or plays. The No. 2 single, Mariah Carey’s blockbuster “We Belong Together,” was not far behind with 7,507.

By contrast, “Rough Justice” had been played a total of 407 times at all the stations that were playing it all. And that number wasn’t very high. The upside is that it’s 33 times more than the week before, but that isn’t saying much.

“Rough Justice” is also having trouble picking up radio markets. So far only one station in New York, WAXQ 104.3, has it.

There’s also one station each in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta.
After that, the list gets a little dire: all the cities are secondary markets, like Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Albany and Toledo. All told, “Rough Justice” could only be found on 32 radio stations across the United States.

WHJY in Providence currently holds the cumulative record, having spun the Stones single 192 times in total through Aug. 28.

For that alone, the Stones should put in a personal appearance at the station to thank their brave program director, Scott Laudani. When I spoke to him yesterday, Laudani — who’s got great taste in music and is currently hyping an RCA singer-songwriter he loves named Ray LeMontagne — was surprised to hear that he was the Stones’ biggest advocate.
“When the album came in, we played the whole thing. It took an hour and a half,” he said. “But that’s how I grew up listening to radio. But some bands have earned that exposure.”
He told me he thinks “Rough Justice” will prevail eventually. “New music has to be spoon-fed to the listeners,” he said.

Bob Buchmann, from Q104.3, told me none of this makes any sense to him. “It baffles me,” he said. “There’s no reason I’m the only one playing the record.”

To try and reverse the situation, the Stones — whose still-to-be-released album is on struggling Virgin Records — are said to have hired former Sony International exec Rick Dobbis to “work” the stations. (“A Bigger Bang” was officially released on Tuesday.)
Dobbis is said to have come on for “a lot of money,” says a source, “maybe as much as a half million dollars.”

But even Dobbis has so far had little luck making “Rough Justice” click with stations that are heavy into “lite hip-hop” sounds such as Mariah, Gwen Stefani and the Black Eyed Peas.
Of course, the Stones’ radio problems do stem from their age and where exactly to put them.
When they were in their heyday, radio stations played a variety of music including rock 'n' roll.
Now, thanks to Clear Channel, radio is so fractured into genres that there’s almost no place for an “oldies” act with new material.

Billboard’s Radio Monitor puts “Rough Justice” into a narrow category called “Heritage Rock,” where the Stones compete with Staind, Nickelback, Audioslave, Green Day and even Bon Jovi.
Let’s put it this way: none of the Stones’ contemporaries are on Heritage Rock. No Beatles, Kinks, Who, Hollies, no Aretha, Sam & Dave, Wilson Pickett, Supremes, Temptations, Simon & Garfunkel.

They are out there on their own, competing against bands whose members could be their kids, or in some cases, grandchildren.

Wow big surprise radio doesn't play the new Rolling Stones single. Hmm I wonder why? I'm going to guess its because the guys in the bad are old enough to be grandparents. Let's face it they aren't the same Rolling Stones of 20 years ago...not even close. Hey grandpa get off the stage. If you don't think the Stones rocking out on stage is rediculous just think that these guys in most cases are the same age or older than your parents. They are also on tour again, I already thought they had their "last tour". The Rolling Stones hanging it up is like almost every retirement match that happens in indy wrestling.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Your heart is in the right place.....

but you are still a douche. You lose, good day, sir.

Sean Penn's Boat Sinks In Failed Katrina Rescue Attempt
September 4, 2005 7:58 p.m. EST
Douglas Maher - All Headline News Staff Reporter

New Orleans, Louisiana (AHN) - Political Activist and Actor Sean Penn made his way down to the city of New Orleans with a personal photographer and an entourage in an attempt to help victims stranded by floods caused by Hurricane Katrina.
Penn had planned to rescue children and adults in the flood waters, but apparently forgot to plug a hole in the bottom of the vessel, which began taking water within seconds of its launch.
Penn who is known for his political activism, was seen wearing what appeared to be a white flak jacket and frantically bailing water out of the sinking vessel with a red plastic cup that eventually was not enough for the Academy Award winner.
When asked what he had hoped to achieve in the waterlogged city, the actor tells the Herald Sun: "Whatever I can do to help."
The paper reports that one bystander taunted the actor saying, "How are you going to get any people in that thing?"


Its all well and good that he's going down there trying to help out but it looks a little self serving when you bring an entourage and a personal photographer to chronicle you trying to look like a hero. Instead of looking like a hero it makes you look like a self serving douche.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina--You bitch

Seeing the hurricane images from the gulf coast is almost too much to bear. Seeing that stuff it seems like you are looking at something that happenend in some third world country. Officials are saying it will be like two months before basic utilities are back in New Orleans. My thouhgs go out to all the foks in that area of the county and those who have lost or are missing loved ones.

I read that Fats Domino is missing this morning, the guy is a legend.