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Monday, June 28, 2004

This weekend I got served. I am so happy.

Well my life is now somewhat complete for a while at least. This weekend from the local Blockbuster I purchased a copy of “You Got Served”. Not because I think it is a great movie, heck I never even saw it before I bought it, but I just knew from the commercials that it had to be bad. In an odd little part of my brain I really love, make that really really love, crap that passes for entertainment. This part of my brain also explains why I have an affinity for the William Hung album. Trust me YGS (You Got Served for the newbies) is so much crap and cliché wrapped up in a hour and a half it can’t help but be great. Trust me in the next few days I will be posting the official Kevin’s Ramblings YGS Viewers Guide the guide will serve as a written “watchers commentary track from my perspective. There are just too many good things in the movie to not post a viewers guide.
In a nutshell YGS works out to be this kind of movie math: Breakin’ + Breakin 2: Electric Bugaloo + Boyz in the Hood + West Side Story + Rocky 5 + Citizen Kane + To Kill a Mockingbird + Wizard of Oz= You Got Served. Oh wait a second that’s not the right equation the correct on for the movie is: Breakin’ + Breakin 2: Electric Bugaloo + Boyz in the Hood + West Side Story + Rocky 5=YGS. The first equation is for what a normal person would need the movie to be to find it entertaining. Notice I didn’t reference the good Rocky movies just the last one crapped out by Hollywood. Just thinking back on some of the scenes in the movie brings a smirk to my face. I never laughed so much at a movie that isn’t intended to be a comedy in my life. Honestly I watched the white devil (This will make sense when I do the viewers guide) say, “Tonight you suckas got served.”, about 6 times and laughed like your prom date high on a joint every time. The view guide will include times in the DVD so you can fully enjoy the movie from the perspective of a true bad movie aficionado.

Until then you officially been served. One last note look at the banner at the top I think its interesting to see what they suggest as relevant topics under the banner.

Friday, June 25, 2004

You my friend may be a cubicle monkey

Well I referred to this yesterday so I wouldn’t forget about it. I am coining a new phrase that will sweep the nation with a rabid following. Consider yourself lucky you’ve been clued in early on. From now until eternity people who work in office positions will be know as “CUBICLE MONKEYS”. The cubicle monkey has a hierarchy that is based on the wild kingdom based on what position they hold within the company. Here’s the break down and description of each level of the hierarchy:

Lemurs: These monkeys are the ones who would be in the office support type positions at the office. The mailroom guys, office service dudes, and maintenance guys are lemurs.

Macaques: These monkeys are a little higher up on the hierarchy in the positions of entry level positions maybe right out of school. They haven’t been there long enough to have an seniority or pull.

Baboons: These monkeys are the people who have progresses slightly from the macaques level but realize their jobs still sucks and realize what they do really doesn’t matter to the company.

Mandrills: These monkeys are the ones in the office who have a lot of sex and/or red butts. If you ever have seen the mandrills at Brookfield Zoo you know what I’m talking about. No other reason to include them other than to get that image of a red mandrill rear in your mind. Oh these office monkeys may fling poo if provoked.

Orangutans: These monkeys are your middle or upper management types. The difference between the orangutans and the higher level chimps is that the orangutans got to their position but have no clue what they are doing in their job. This monkey may have gotten to their position because they have some blackmail photos of some monkey higher in the hierarchy in a compromising position.

Chimp: This would be your section manager who appears to be in control of a large group of people and tries to give the impression they actually know whats going on. In reality the chimp really is living a lie and has no clue.

Gorilla: This would be your company owner or CEO. Someone who has been around for ages and probably has the actual brain of a gorilla. They have probably bamboozled enough people in their careers to attain the highest levels of the cubicle monkey hierarchy.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Great Cubicle Monkey Heirarchy

Just so I don't forget this for later here is the cubicle monkey heirarchy. I will expand on this later...

The Great Cubicle Monkey Hierarchy:

There is an "Xtreme" pain in my ear that has me on my nerves "Edge"

Well its been a few days since I’ve posted something here. Honestly its been because I’ve been a bit under the weather. So much under the weather (pause for dramatic effect) I ACTUALLY WENT TO THE DOCTOR!!! Yes I had a ear infection from a cold I have and had to go get some drugs. If you have never had one an ear infection is very similar to having a ice pick jammed in your ear. Not very pleasant unless you are into that kinky kind of stuff. The one ear that is stuffed I kind of feel like a dog chasing its tails. I always want to turn to my right for some reason to hear what I missed. Hopefully the ear will be all cleared up by Monday when I go see the little purple one, no not Nexium that’s the little purple pill, Prince at the Allstate Arena.
Not to shock you too much but I also went to the optometrist the same week. For the first time in my life the optometrist and doctor in the same week. I actually became an adult and bought not only contacts but also a pair of glasses. Wow look who’s a big boy now. I couldn’t get the frameless versions like I was planning to my prescription it is so bad that the lens would be too thick for the frameless version. I went with a similar shaped pair that are silver, nothing special very guy running for Congress look. I did get the thinner lens so they had to do more to the glass then just cut it off the bottom of a glass coke bottle. That’s been about it for me recently taking horse pills to get over the whole cold/ear infection deal.

Told you I was a marketers dream:
I tried the Pepsi low sugar low carb drink Pepsi Edge recently. About as good as the Coke version but I’m more of a Pepsi guy so I will give it the “Edge” , geez bad pun intended.

A couple of marketing notes to any new products coming out:
Please do not use the word “edge” or spell the word “extreme” as Xtreme. I have used so many products with misspellings it would make a 3rd grade teacher puke. Each day I use my Xtreme Right Guard and jump in my Chevy S-10 Xtreme and come to work (well not really but you get the idea). As for the use of the word “edge” I believe they are using the word to portray there is some danger or something hip when using the product. Hey check out the new Trojan Edge condoms. Is there a pinhole in them? Walk the Edge and find out. The only people who think that there is anything hip in using a product that uses “edge” in its name are the same people who would break their hip falling of the edge of a curb.

Remeber Best Week Ever..VH1....watch it or a kitten dies.

Still waiting for Blockbuster to put the DVD on the used DVD sale section, the movie you ask?

You Got Served.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Dodgeball: Go see it or Man my ear is killing me

Went to see Dodgeball on Sunday night and all I can say it’s the one of the funniest movies I’ve seen since Old School. Even if you are not a big fan of Ben Stiller you will like this movie, I was once on the Stiller bandwagon but have recently got off of it. Anyway the basic story is a big gym (owned by Ben Stiller) trying to take over a little gym (owned by Vince Vaughn) and to make it into a parking lot. The little gym needs $50,000 to stay open and they find a dodgeball tournament in Obscure Sports Quarterly and enter to tourney. That’s all I’m going to give away for now. There are literally a ton of different cameos, but not one by Wil Ferrel which I kind of expected going into the movie. There are a lot of little nods in the movie to movies of the 80’s and the goofy comedies back then. The writers show big love to the Karate Kid movies as the dodgeball team of Stillers is based on the evil training dojo in Karate Kid (Fear does not exist in the dojo! NO SINSAY! Pain does not exist in the dojo! NO SINSAY). Just go see the movie and don’t feel bad for paying full theater price to see it, I’ll be seeing it again for sure.

Well this weekend I also got sick on Thursday or Friday. It was kind of on the periphery for the weekend but hit me hard on Monday morning and up until today, Tuesday. Monday I called into work and actually felt worse when I woke up at 9:30 after calling in at 6:00. I medicated myself on Monday and that night had to go to a meeting. While I was at the meeting my ear started hurting like its never hurt before. I guess the stuff in my throat has clogged up my ear. Just my right one though so I feel a little like a dog chasing its tail, wanting to constantly turn to my right. I bought some homeopathic ear drop so we’ll see how that works out. It feels as if there is an ice pick lodged in my ear. I can’t yawn to release the pressure because then it makes my ear drum feel like its going to bust out. Should I go to the doctor ? Yeah probably. Will I? Probably not.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Bring me the head of....

Actually last night I didn’t have to see the Harry Potter flick. The friend of our that was going to go with us couldn’t go so we went to see The Stepford Wives instead. Honestly it was an entertaining movie as Frank Oz injected a lot of humor into it I can’t see how it was a semi-horror flick originally. There are some really just entertaining performances in it Walken, Glenn Close, and Jon Lovitz. Walken in the film is the main guy and plays of course Walken which is never bad. Close is the main woman and is actually one of the funnier parts of the movie just short of being over the top. Lovitz (who is underrated) had a lot of just straight out funny lines. I would say if it comes to the cheap theater give it a peek, its not going to change the world but its pretty entertaining.

Now on to the previews or “bring me the head of John Travolta”
There were quite a few previews before the movie, one new Jim Carrey flick based on a kids book that I don’t recall the name and one for the movie Ladder 49. Ladder 49 is a firefighter flick starring Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta. Phoenix is a new firefighter and assigned to Travolta’s station. I have no problem with Phoenix but you just know from the trailer that one of the other firefighters in the movie is going to die in a fire and there will be a giant fire at the end of the movie. Have you ever seen Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman or Leno? He always appears to be high on heroin or something
Basically it’s appears from the trailer to be a better than average movie. The problem I have with the movie is the one and only John Travolta. This guy has played the same character in every movie he’s ever been in since Satruday Night Fever. Its almost like he doesn’t try to even be a character. They should just pull a Tony Danza on John Travolta and have his name be John Travolta in every movie he’s been in. On a somewhat unrelated note why did they put out the first season of “Who’s the Boss?” on DVD? Was there a huge clamoring for this? I think I would rather watch a DVD of a proctologist best rectal exams. Anyway back to Travolta, think about it every movie he’s in he’s exactly the same guy. In Pulp Fiction he was Tony Manero in a black suit and black tie. Come to think of Pulp Fiction Samuel L Jackson kind of suffers from the same thing that Travolta does. Same guy every movie he’s in but that’s for another time or not at all. Tony Manero in Ladder 49 is playing the supervisor of the station in what looks to be a pretty good movie. I just hope he doesn’t Tony doesn’t have to tell the firefighter helmet “Would ya just watch the hair. Ya know, I spend a long time on my hair and he hit it; he hit my hair.” Geez I hate John Travolta.
Now I know what you are probably thinking….Walken plays the same guy all the time in his movies. Yeah the difference is that Walken is cool and Tony Manero is not. Walken is actually a good enough actor when he needs to be to get away with it, did you ever see him as “The Continental” on SNL? ‘Nuff said. I would love to have a Walken voice mail greeting, that would rule.


Not to bring jealousy to anyone but we are going to see the worlds biggest ball of paint in Alexandria Indiana in July when we go down there. Who's jealous now? I know you are no need to lie.

You've been served.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Insert smart headline here

From our friends at Reuters:

Woman Charged with Stalking Catherine Zeta-Jones
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A woman has been charged in Los Angeles with stalking Oscar-winning British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and making threatening phone calls, police said on Thursday.
The 33-year-old woman was arraigned last week on one count of stalking and 25 counts of making "terrorist threats," the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said in a statement.
The suspect, Dawnette Knight, was arrested at her Beverly Hills apartment after a four-month investigation, during which time Zeta-Jones was the target of "numerous threatening letters and phone calls," the Sheriff's Department said. Knight remains in custody. Zeta-Jones, who is married to Hollywood veteran Michael Douglas, won an Academy Award last year for best supporting actress in the hit musical "Chicago."
Disclaimer: I do not in any way support those who stalk other people celebrities or not. That being said, when I read this a thought came to mind, if I were to stalk someone I think that CZJ would be on the list. How do they fund their activities? Where do they find the phone numbers of these celebrities? I would think that if you were to stalk someone you must really really really be interested in them and need to know what they are doing 24 hours a day. I mean wouldn’t it get a little boring? “Oh look she’s sitting down to watch the O.C. tonight.” Would you honestly want to follow someone around all the time? I mean besides me of course and how I’m livin la vida loca, maybe they only stalk for a few hours a day and then go to their job at the 7-11 at night. My question is how do they fund their activities? If they are stalkers, like I think of stalkers, they are following the person around all the time, they have no time for a job because they need to know what Carrot Top is doing at this very moment. Here’s the sad part of the last sentence you know that someone is probably stalking Carrot Top at this very moment. Scary huh?
You have to be in awe of this though how did the stalker get her phone number? Were they calls to her agency or calls to her personally. The kiss of death on this one is the phrase “terrorist threats”, anything with that “T” word means serving some time.

Marketers dream-
I tried the new low sugar low carb Pepsi earlier this week, I’ve explained my urge to try anything new a few days ago. Honestly its about as good as the Coke version, but since I’m a Pepsi guy I’ll give them the slight edge.

The best show I hope you are watching….
IF you get a chance check out the show “Best Week Ever” on VH1. In an attempt to be hip VH1 now has a lot of nostalgia shows and this show reviews wacky stuff that happened in the past week. Basic formula of the show is review odd celebrity or real news from the past week + smart ass comedians= sometimes equals comedy gold.

As prophesized on this very site earlier this week….
I will be going to see the Harry Potter flick tonight. Yee haw.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

If you like pina coladas....

Well they told us today that we aren’t going to be changing positions as planned on July 1st. It happens that they can’t get whatever programs then need to switch over to do so and that means we can’t switch gigs just yet. They are having a BBQ at work for lunch on Friday, I’m considering breaking out the lobster shirt. Nothing says “mover and shaker” like a dude in a lobster shirt. Will probably get roped in by the lady to go see the new Harry Potter flick on Thursday. Geez I hope I can follow the story since I have no idea who this Harry Potter character is (smell the sarcasm).
Ah good news there is a Buffalo Wild Wings opening in town in the next few weeks. Each day I drive by I can see the soft glow of beer sign neon. Personally the best part of my trip to Dayton to go to R&R headquarters was the Buffalo Wild Wings. Their wings don’t have that (what I call) sweat on them like the wings at Hooters. I believe the “sweat” is peanut oil which I believe is what they cook them in.
Going to get the old peepers checked pretty soon. I’m actually going to be an adult this time and have a pair of back up glasses. I don’t think I’ve had a pair since 1993. I may have posted this here before and if I did well too bad you just read it again. I was literally falling asleep at work today almost. A trained chimp could do my job.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Cubicle Monkeys

I've christened a new phrase in line with "corporate whore" it's "cubicle monkey". Then as a person works at a place longer they could be know as a "cubicle silverback". Yes I realize that gorillas aren't technically monkeys and gorillas aren't the same thing but pretty close.

In case you are interested here's the differences: (from our friends at How Stuff Works:
Within the suborder of anthropoids, primates are grouped into monkeys, apes and hominids. The easiest way to distinguish monkeys from the other anthropoids is to look for a tail. Most monkey species have tails, but no apes or hominids do. Monkeys are much more like other mammals than apes and humans are. For example, most monkeys cannot swing from branch to branch, as apes and humans can, because their shoulder bones have a different structure. Instead, monkeys run along the tops of branches. Their skeletal structure is similar to a cat, dog or other four-footed animal, and they move in the same sort of way. On the evolutionary line leading to humans, monkeys split off long before apes did.

The apes, which include gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and gibbons, are much more like human beings than monkeys or lower primates are. They have the same basic body structure, possess a high level of intelligence and may exhibit similar behavior. Chimpanzees, humans' closest living relatives, use simple tools extensively and even have culture to some degree. Different chimpanzee social groups develop their own unique tendencies and behaviors, which may be in stark contrast to the behaviors of another group. Gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans exhibit extensive language capability as well, though they do not have the necessary physiological adaptations to produce speech. Scientists have taught apes of all three species to use sign language, as well as special computer keyboards. Apes have even invented their own words in these languages, demonstrating higher cognitive ability.

All I can really say is "Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!"

Monday, June 14, 2004

Fun with accents/random thoughts/channeling Larry King in USA Today/Yes I’m also a marketing lemming

Well in my ultra exciting job I have added a new twist. I figure since I speak with these people only once a year I figured on voice mails I leave I’m going to throw a little accent on it. Just a slight south of Chicagoland twang but I’m not talking deep south accent just a little one. Next voice mail I leave I’m going to leave it as Christopher Walken would. “Yes I’m calling about your extended maintenance….agreement. It’s about to…expire and that would be a shame really. (Okay Walken speak doesn’t translate well to the written word)
What did people do at work to jack around before Al Gore invented the internet? I mean calling your friends can only take up so many hours in a day.

A dog eating peanut butter, if you haven’t see it you must it is real comedy.

How do the Amish have furniture stores? I know they make furniture but how does it get to the stores? I’ve never seen a pack of horses pulling a big rig full of armoires, I would like to see it though.

In Illinois all the casinos have to be on a body of water. There is a casino on East Saint Louis on the Mississippi which is going to dig a giant moat and put the boat in it. I never really understood this. What is the difference between gambling on the water and gambling on terra firma. Whoa what happens chained up to a dock on a river boat on the Mississippi stays on the boat chained up to a dock on a river boat on the Mississippi. In case you were wondering the governor of Illinois still has the worst hair of any public official in the nation……that’s right the ENTIRE nation.

I’m not only a corporate whore but also a marketer’s wet dream come true.
Yes I will try any new product once so marketers love me because I’m a guy in that highly coveted age group and will try any new product once. Now if I think a product has made no improvements and claims to be “new” I will take a pass at it, I’m not that big of a goof. Two of my most recent new item purchases:

Coca-Cola C-2: this is a beverage what has half the sugar and half the carbs of regular Coke. I’m not worried about sugar or carbs so why would I try it? Apparently you weren’t paying attention because I said I’m a marketers dream. As for C-2 honestly I’m not a big Coke guy and I couldn’t really tell a difference between the two which is what they are shooting for. I would not be a regular buyer of C-2 but its alright nothing to be scared of.

Gillette Mach 3 Power: Gillette has upped the ante in the shaving wars again with a triple bladed handheld razor that has a little motor in it. Sure it’s a little pricy for a hand held razor (between $13-$15) but it’s a damn good shave. Why would I try this product? Apparently you weren’t paying attention yet again because I said I’m a marketers dream oh and yeah I do shave. The gist to the razor is that these pulses its send the razor helps lift up the hair to be shaved. It actually works very well and you can tell a difference while you are shaving. This may sound odd but besides the bussing the razor makes the sound of the shaving actually sounds different. I would give it a thumbs up.

Jumping the shark

Okay folks the phrase “thrr” for you not in the know white folks, its a hipster version of the word “there” has officially jumped the shark. My boss at work used it today and therefore it has made the jump. My boss is probably approaching 60. So “thrr” has joined the recently jumped “bling-bling” as phrases that white America has officially highjacked.

Yeah this is the same guy I’d like to kick in the nuts, kick him right there. I would have said thrr but it has already jumped the shark.

Weekend recap 6/14

Finally got the phone all figured out after roughly a week sans cell phone. It was not fun. The guy at Nextel thanked me for being cool about it because if I wanted to I could have been a real dick about it. I figured he’s not the one who made the phone that was a piece of crap, Motorola did. Since my sister use to work at Motorola I blame her. She may have not had a direct effect on my phone being manufactured badly but I think her legacy carried on. The phone is back and its alright I liked the little bigger screen on my other phone but I like the size of the new one. What you didn’t expect me to have something to complain about?
Well here’s the big weekend recap. Friday I had off work to take the boy to the Brewers game in not surprisingly enough Milwaukee. It was just not a regular Brewers game but one that Sony Pictures put a lot of money into because it was Spiderman 2 give away night. The giveaway was a foam Spidey hand that was shaped like he was shooting a web and a paper Spiderman mask. Well we’d been there a while and there were a quite a few boxes of the hands left so I told the boy to go talk to the lady and he may be able to sweet talk her out of another one. A mere 20 seconds later and he had another Spidey hand, he got that gene from me. Yes we both are jacked up to see the movie and the preview they showed did look pretty good. They played a new version of the Spiderman song by the old time sounding dude Michael Bouble (you know who I’m talking about) I don’t listen to the guy but it sounded pretty cool, very Sinatra-esque. While I’m on the subject my CD pick of the week is the CD by Los Lonely Boys. They are a trio of brothers from Austin Texas I believe and are pretty good. They call their music Texican rock, its kind of a less guitar rock ZZ Top with more melodies. Pretty good stuff check it out you won’t be disappointed.
Well Saturday I decided to go back to Milwaukee (I know I’m a glutton for punishment) and it was Scott Podsednik bobblehead night. Yeah I’m a semi bobblehead mark so I paid my $10 for a obstructed view seat and went to the game. I stood for most of the game on the third base side and watched a bunch of drunk guys stand up for about two innings while insults and “Sit down!” was being yelled at them. Alcohol + large crowds of people=good times. Here’s a little tip if you are looking for a little free picnic chairs or other related items. Simply go to a weekend game at Miller Park and leave before the game ends the people who tailgate up there don’t put their stuff away they just go into the game. Free camp chairs for everyone!!! One note on Friday & Saturday in Milwaukee this one in particular to the Milwaukee CVB or mayor of Milwaukee, (I'm sure the head of the Milwaukee CVB & mayor are regular readers) that Miller plant stinks up the city like you would not believe. I can’t even describe the smell of them making beer, its just wrong. I never catch that smell when I’m in St Louis must be due to the wind blowing the right way. On a somewhat related note nice commercials by Bud about Miller wanting to be “President of Beers”, technically they can’t be Pres since they were bought by a South African brewery, good point Bud. Is it as frightening to you as it is to me how much I’ve thought of the President of Beer race? Yeah I though so to.

Did you ever have a boss you just wanted to kick right in the nuts just out of spite?

Yeah me too.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Phone Where Art Thou? Part Deaux

Well after many calls to Nextel technical support they finally told me that the problem is with the new phone nothing to do with the network. I figured the phone was jacked to begin with and know I have to switch it out for a new one. Wait it gets even better, I had to call all over the Chicagoland area to find the same phone to replace it with. Damn Motorola.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Phone, where art thou?

Well as I sit here at work I found out recently that I will be moving to the education division and covering accounts in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. While it will be a tad more interesting than what I’m currently doing it just not enough chedda. Like I’ve said so many times before romance without finance is a damn nuisance. Once I get this week wrapped up the hunt will again begin in full, I was getting some other stuff done and had to put it off for about a week. Needless to say this corporate whore needs to look elsewhere for employment. Don’t get me wrong I’m not all about the money, I’m just about making more money than I am now.
On the personal side things are going pretty well. The boy and I are going to a Brewers game this week since they are giving away some Spiderman 2 schwag at the game. Boy is going to flip out when he sees it, a Spiderman mask and a giant foam finger shaped like Spiderman’s hand shooting a web. Honestly I am looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out. Since the X-Men movies I’ve liked most of the superhero movies, Daredevil was a little sucky and too a lesser extent so did The Hulk.
Last Thursday night coming home I stopped to get something to eat at the BK in Wauconda. They screwed up the drive thru order so I had to run inside. Then I had to stop and get gas outside of Fox Lake. Friday morning comes and I wonder, “where on earth is my phone?” I was pretty sure I had brought it in from the car but couldn’t find it. I think it was stolen either when I ran into BK or went to pay for gas. If it was stolen when I was in BK I’m PO’ed because the Rodeo cheeseburger I went it to get wasn’t that good anyway. Stupid minimum wage high school student not giving me all my order. I called the ex-wife to tell her not to call the cell, I had to pick up Nate that night, since I didn’t have it and thought it may have been stolen She asked if I had deactivated the number and I said no and she said I should, see even good can come from evil. Anyway I call up Nextel and deactivate the number and had to get a new phone. I basically didn’t have a phone for about 36 hours and felt…..so…...very…..vulnerable. As an aside if you are reading this Chris I still don’t have your phone number. That was the drama that was in last weekend but no drama thus far this week.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Memorial Day weekend...in a nutshell

Well another Memorial Day has come and gone. I think that the holiday is a little forgotten as to what it actually is for. Most folks think it’s the official kick off to summer, oh well.
Thursday night I went over the lady’s house and hung around for a bit. Watched the movie “America’s Sweethearts” which actually wasn’t too bad. Then on to the official weekend, I had a pretty uneventful holiday weekend nothing spectacular.
Friday I picked up the boy and went home, he was harping to see Shrek 2. Friday night I had to go get some new tires for the Kev-mobile since I was basically running on racing slicks. Some two hours later and nearly $500 I was sporting new rubber. Then on the way home I had to stop and get some underwear from Kohl’s (now don’t pretend you’re not picturing this sexy beast in a pair of skivies) and got a deal. Bought a shirt and two pairs of under wear for $14, as I’m leaving the store I realized I was only charge $2.82 for the underwear which should have been $12. Did I go back in…no.
Saturday we went to go see Shrek2. The theater was pretty empty considering the money it did over the weekend. I would recommend this to movie to anyone it was very entertaining. Enough nods of adult comedy to keep it funny. For me the particular star of the show was Pinocchio, all I can say is wooden boy + thong=comedy. Holding true to form it rained Sunday night too. Monday went to Wisconsin to the brothers new crib and had some stuff off the grill. I know my life is so exciting its almost too much to take isn’t it?
In case you were wondering the job search has started in full since where I’m at now really sucks. I can’t believe how stupid I was for taking this position, this job makes me realize that romance without finance is a damn nuisance.
Now go look at something useful on the internet….oh wait that’s hard to find. The internet is like the CB radio of the next century.