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Friday, December 30, 2005

This is an early Happy New Year to everyone. I'm going to try and post the updated List for 2006 this weekend. I've written all the things just have to work on one more little item and then I'll post it. Big changes in the list in '06 I guarantee.

I have one request on this day

Since this is the last work day for most of us I just request that you don't say "See you next year" to anyone as you leave work. If you do I hope you are beating in the parking lot before you get in your car. Every year someone pulls this old tired joke out at work and make me want to punch that person.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It went pretty well

Well I spoke to the Hurricane tonight since the holiday craziness has subsuded for the time being. She's going out of town skiing so things will be on hold until she gets back the second week of January. I don't think I sounded like too much of an idiot on the phone, and if you know me that can be a strech sometimes to not sound like one. Well now have to just wait and see once she gets back. I'd give myself a B for the call.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Two updates in a day? Luckyyyyyy

Okay follow me for a second here. The people who got rocked by Katrina are having problems with their insurance companies because the damage to their homes was caused by the water. If they didn’t have flood insurance then they are basically left out in the cold. If your house gets totaled by a tornado the insurance company they will cover it. What was the major damaging factor of the tornado? The wind, of course. If the wind from Katrina caused the water to rush over the land then can’t a case be made that the damage was done by the wind which in turn moved the water? Just a thought. I bet Jackie Childs could argue this case in court.

Maybe I'm crazy and this is the two dounuts I had at work today talking.

Okay I over reacted I know...I know

Well apparently I may not be the Bill Buckner/Scott Norwood/Mitch Williams of relationships it just took her some time to get back to me with all the holiday stuff going on. Easily understood I'm going to give her a call after the holiday.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend review or I’m the Bill Buckner/Scott Norwood/Mitch Williams of relationships

I did very little shopping this weekend seriously holiday shopping for me is a nightmare. There are so many people who just seem to wander around aimlessly. When I go out shopping I know exactly what I want and where it is and I just wish people would get out of my way. I’m going to wrap up the shopping on Friday I just hope it’s not that bad. I could get more into the holiday spirit if it weren’t for the holiday shopping. I use to like shopping like right before Christmas; but I think I’ve wised up in my old age and just want to get it done as quick as possible.


I’m the Bill Buckner/Scott Norwood/Mitch Williams of relationships
Well I thought that things might work out with Hurricane, but its been a week and no email response. Admittedly I did screw up just a small bit, but it wasn’t nothing major. I told her that I would get her number when I saw her last Sunday (some folks from the trip got together to share pictures etc) but as we we’re leaving she started talking to another lady who was on the trip with us so I didn’t want to bust in on their conversation just to get the Hurricane’s phone number. Now you are probably wondering why I didn’t just ask here earlier before we left the little get together? Well honest to God I’m actually pretty private when it comes to that type stuff and didn’t want to ask in front of everyone else who was there. Yeah I’m pretty private when it comes to stuff like that therefore I have no real explanation why I post all the stuff on here. See I really am an enigma wrapped in a riddle. Unless the Hurricane emails me I guess I'm just like Norwood was I’m wide right, and I thought for sure I was money. Feel free to openly mock me I probably deserve it for this; or if you know an Ellen from Abbott tell her to give me a call or check her secondary email account.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Cash owns all.

Okay I get it I was wrong…..
I saw Walk the Line this weekend. Joaquin Phoenix as Cash was pretty good and thought what I felt was the essence of Cash. The movie didn't add any melodramatic junk because they didn't need to. I know know why I never gained superstardom as a singer, I never had some tragedy early in my life and my dad was a normal guy. See the movie and you'll know what I'm talking about. Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon (more on her later) singing wasn't bad and actually saying that I didn't like they weren;t using real Cash vocals was a little premature. Sure Phoenix doesn't have the same voice as Cash (come on no one does) but he does sound not that bad doing a better than karaoke version of Cash.Reese Witherspoon as June Carter was absolutely adorable of course and gained her spot back in the Top 25 list. June Carter was the queen of tought love she flushed Johnny's pills on more than on occassion. Honestly the love story aspect of the film runs throughout it as Johnny and June were always together even if they weren't married. Reese's singing wasn't too bad either.All in all if you didn't know it before, because you suck, you should know now Johnny Cash rules.

Top 25 update

Had to update this felt someone was taken off that was slighted. Check out who in my next post:

25. ???
24. ???
23. Stacy London
22. Traci Brooks
21. Lauren Graham
20. Heather Graham
19. Eva Mendes
18. Nancy O'Dell
17. Trish Straus
16. Carmen Electra
15. Vanessa Marcil
14. Marisa Miller
13. Jamie Pressly
12. Molly Sims
11. Brooke Burke
10. Kristen Davis
9. Halle Berry
8. Reese Witherspoon- should have never taken her off
7. Jennie Finch
6. Anna Davlantes
5. Jenny McCarthy
4. Charlize Theron
3. Veronica Varekova
2. Catherine Zeta-Jones
1. Kate Hudson

Friday, December 09, 2005

Crazy folks make me laugh

Admittedly jumping the fence at the White House is pretty stupid, This guy did it earlier this week and looks even stupider than you're average fnece jumper:

Report: Alleged White House Jumper Wanted Chelsea Clinton
Department Report Said Man Thought Clintons Lived There

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- An Arkansas man who was arrested after he jumped the fence onto the White House grounds this week reportedly was after Chelsea Clinton -- not anyone from President George W. Bush's family.
According to a court-ordered report from the D.C. Department of Mental Health, Shawn Cox, 29, thought Clinton still lived at the White House. He thought he was destined to marry her.

Clinton, of course, left the executive mansion when Bush replaced President Bill Clinton.
Cox was arrested Sunday at the White House by the Secret Service. Bush was at home at the time of the incident. Cox was sent to St. Elizabeth's Hospital for mental health evaluations before his next court appearance on Jan. 6.

A psychologist is reporting to the court that Cox appeared "psychotic" and "manic" and should be closely monitored. And appently not to up to date on current events.


Heard back from Hurricane this morning, it took her a while to get through her emails and it was to her crap email account to. Things are looking up I guess maybe I was money. I thought I was becoming a modern day version of Job in regards to relationships recently. I have a real good feeling about this one, she's a good girl.

Ice Cube said it best,

Just wakin up in the mornin gotta thank God
I don't know but today seems kinda odd
No barkin from the dog, no smog
And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog

You who are down know the rest.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Quick update

Well its been about a day and no response from hurricane girl. Do I stress about stuff like this a little too much? Most definitely.

Gotta click this


This is a site for a school district. Look at the kid in the upper right hand corner of the header. His math skills suck. 75 + 92 does not equal 187. With the numbers that are written on the board there is no way the total is 187.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What a wacky personal life

So anyway the deal with the chick at work is pretty much a dead deal, but as every door closes a new one opens. I said before I went down to Waveland that it would be my luck that I would meet some toatlly cool chick down there but with my luck she would actually live down there. Well I was sort of right, I did meet a real cool chick down there but thankfully she doesn't live down there. She actually lives only like 10 minutes away, so I went 975 miles to meet some lady that was right next door. She stayed down there a little longer than I did but is now back so I am efforting to see where this goes now. Here's the capper the lady from work and the lady from the Waveland trip have the same name. Its a little odd since its not a real common name. We'll see where this one goes from here...with my luck probably will end up in burning wreckage.