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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Do a little dance...make a little love...get down tonight

Well I made the attempt to call the Hurri last night to set up something for this weekend and had to leave a voice mail. She admits she’s terrible at returning voice mail so I’ll give her a call tonight after I take version 2 to dinner…..Co-stanza!

Can I go on record again and proclaim my love for XM radio? Yep this morning I heard Snow “Informer” followed by Right Said Fred “I’m Too Sexy” does it get any better than that…..uh no of course it doesn’t. I was talking to the ex about XM for some reason and she said she’d never pay for radio and I came back with the indefensible argument, “you probably said you’d never pay for TV too.” I’m going to make Kev Swag attempt #2 and see if I can get XM to be the official radio partner of me. I’ll be sure to post all the letters here. If anything happens with the Hurri I’ll post it here to keep all the loyal readers informed. Tuck your shirt in and straighten up.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Birthday weekend recap, in HD

Well nothing really spectacular this weekend.
Saturday I took version 2 to the Allstate Arena to see The Incredibles on Ice. It was basically a 90 minute commercial for Disney products, no big surprise. Inside of 5 minutes of entering the place I dropped an additional $40 at the gimmick table. Oh Disney you marketing geniuses.
Version 2 also lost his glasses for a while on Saturday into Sunday. They were found in the middle of the driveway and 5 cars had driven over them so he’s lucky they didn’t get totaled.

Sunday was the big 33rd birthday. Didn’t do much at this point in my life birthday s just aren’t that big of a deal. I think kids should do a big birthday soiree but not so much for us older folks. I got the Cash box set, Airplane on DVD, and Classie Freddie Blassie. I’m a simple man. I did find some outstanding new underwear this weekend, no I'm not making that us. I also watched Raging Bull and a little bit of the X Games. Exciting huh?

Tonight I’m going to give the Hurri a call and see if she wants to go to dinner this weekend. I’m pretty sure I’m money but not 100% sure. She admitted that she’s not the best at returning voice mails so that’s why it takes her some time to call back. Well if anything interesting happens this week I’ll be sure to put it on here. Of course there will be the standard date recap if I go out with the Hurri on Saturday night.

That’s all now go out and change the world.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Close but no cigar...

He came close to being the James Dean of this generation.


Seriously though you should see him in Walk the Line, he's fantastic. Reese Witherspoon is her usual adorable self in it too. This is coming from me who thought that Jaoquin was pretty much a tool so you know he had to be good in the movie for me to say that.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Want a Pet Panda

I'm either a genius or a complete idiot. Its a song about me wanting to hold a baby panda. Have you seen a baby panda? I want to steal one as a pet.

Sung to the R Kelly tune "I Believe I Can Fly":

I use to think that I could not go on
And life was nothing but an awful song
But now I know the meaning of panda love
I'm leaning on bear fur arms

If I can see it, then I can do it
If I just believe it, there's nothing to it

I believe I can fly
See a panda and hug the little guy
I think about it every night and day
Bamboo shoots get out of my way
I believe I can soar
I see me hugging a panda even more
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly

See I was on the verge of breaking down
Till that little guy was born in capital town
There are miracles in life I must achieve
Huggin' a panda is one to me, oh

If I can see it, then I can do it
If I just believe it, there's nothing to it

Hey, cuz I believe in me, oh
If I can see it, then I can do it
If I just believe it, there's nothing to it

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

You Wanna See My What?

Okay I know you have all been losing sleep over my big d4eal that you can take part in. You the loyal blog reader can sponsor me personally in my

GRILL-A-THON 2006!!!!!

Yes you read that right I am taking on sponsors for one of the coveted 16 spots of the new grill that I will be sporting. This will only happen through the generous donations, which I’m sure will start pouring in the moment this hits the internet. I mean can you imagine my sporting a glorious grill like this? Of course you can.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Coming soon!!!!!!!

Coming soon with an announcement at this very blog is something bery special that YOU...yes you....can take part in. Details to follow.....

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Round 2 review

Round 2 with the Hurri went pretty well as good as expected. Dfinately will be giving her a call agian. Found out some stuff tonight and some of the things she's into its all very cool. I used a little George Costanza tonight which I'm pretty sure will be appreciated. The Kid is back. The Hurri is a pretty cool chick.

She beat me at air hockey, I totally didn't job it was a legit defeat.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Rd 2

Going out with the Hurricane this weekend. We're going to an Italian place that was recommended by someone since the place we we're going to go closed down. I told the Hurri about the place that closed and she knew all about it. This other place will be up to par with the original place we we're going to go.

The Hurri is a pretty grounded lady and pretty cool. She interests me.

I'm going to get some pants for work at Kohl's on the way home if I'm not too worn out from driving home in the snow that is allegedly coming this way. If you see me out tonight and want an autograph just ask me and I'll oblige.

Hope you all have a good safe weekend. I'll probably update this thing on Monday about Saturday if its not a train wreck. I'm expecting it to go really well though I have no reason not to think otherwise.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

After an extended hiatus the Kid is back

Well yesterday went surprisingly good with the Hurricane. We met after work for about an hour and just hung out and talked. She pretty much confirmed that she is pretty super cool. We’re set up to go out to dinner on Saturday, last night was a dry run I think for her to make sure I am totally sane. I’m really doing the undersell on this right now in case it all falls down later on. I’d give last night about a 94% and that’s nothing to sneeze at. We only hung out for about an hour because we are both somewhat entertained by American Idol. If it wasn’t for Americans who thought they could sing being on TV we would have hung out longer I’m sure. She did ask the question about the Rerun plates so I told her I'd tell her that story later.

Johnny Cash is the original gangster rapper.

I've said it before and heard another song that I want to remix with Johhny rapping over some dope beats. I heard it on the the XM,they should want to be the official satellite radio of me, maybe another swag attempt is in the offing on the way, and thought it needed to be added to the list. Imagine thees lyrics over a good hip hop beat:

Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues
C'mon get rhythm when you get the blues
Get a rock 'n' roll feelin' in your bones
Get taps on your toes and get gone
Get rhythm when you get the blues

Little shoeshine boy never gets low down
But he's got the dirtiest job in town
Bendin' low at the peoples' feet
On the windy corner of the dirty street
Well, I asked him while he shined my shoes
How'd he keep from gettin' the blues
He grinned as he raised his little head
Popped a shoeshine rag and then he said

Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues
C'mon get rhythm when you get blues
Yes a jumpy rhythm makes you feel so fine
It'll shake all the trouble from your worried mind
Get rhythm when you get the blues
Get rhythm when you get the blues
C'mon, get rhythm when you get the blues
Get a rock 'n' roll feelin' in your bones
Get taps on your toes and get gone
Get rhythm when you get the blues

Well, I sat down to listen to the shoeshine boy
And I thought I was gonna jump for joy
Slapped on the shoe polish left and right
He took a shoeshine rag and he held it tight
He stopped once to wipe the sweat away
I said you're a mighty little boy to be-a workin' that way
He said I like it with a big wide grin
Kept on a poppin' and he said again

Get rhythm when you get the get the blues
C'mon get rhythm, get rhythm when you get the blues
It only cost a dime, just a nickel or two it does a million dollars worth of good for you
Get rhythm when you get the blues

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just click it

This place www.vintageresort.com pissed off a guy so bad he totally trashed the place at a site that he put up. He was so pissed he bought a similar URL and made a site trashing the joint: www.vintageresorts.com Its pretty damn funny because the sites almost look exactly alike.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Couldn't come up with a title to put here

What a weekend. Friday didn’t do much. Saturday had a meeting early in the day and went to see Narnia in the afternoon. The movie was actually pretty entertaining and it’s the first movie in a while that version 2 wanted to see that I didn’t fall asleep in. Then I watched the two football games after the movie. I was a little surprised that Denver beat the Pats but glad to see the Pats out of it. The Redskins looked like poo. Sunday watched both games and was again surprised as Pittsburgh beat Indy. I wasn’t too surprised the Bears lost, their offense is poo and the defense didn’t play well at all.

Version 2 colored me a picture of Batman to bring to work and I have to admire his attention to detail. He actually used White Out to fix part of the coloring that he did outside of the line on Batman's batarang.

It took me entirely too long to build a model of an internal combustion engine that V2 got for Christmas on Sunday. I'm blaming it on the directions.

The funniest thing I saw all weekend was a bumper sticker. "My guns have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy’s car. "

I decided I can't get roped into another show so I won't watch "24", its a interesting enough show but I don't want to get attached to it.

I’m giving the Hurricane a call tonight to nail down stuff for tomorrow.

Baseball season is only like a month away, hoo-yah. Going to try and get to Detroit and Cleveland this season.

That’s all for now.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I think they have this all wrong

Check this out.

Oh come on I'm sure it was just some shenanigans on the newlyweds while they were on their honeymoon. I bet he even put Saran wrap over the toilet bowl and loosened up the tops on their salt and pepper shakers before he started the fire. That crazy scamp!


Remeber that Seinfeld when he dumped that girl just so he could do the hello voice?

Looks like everything is good to go on Tuesday after work. We're going to go to.....ha ha you think I'm a sucker I'm not telling you where because I don't want anyone showing up to mock me in public.

I had minor heart attack this morning but I misread something, but its all good now and back to normal

Taking the boy to see Narnia this weekend since I told him I would. Am I looking forward to seeing it? Can't say that I am.

With things apparently going well with the Hurricane its another Ice Cube day. I think I'm money this time.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rocky Balboa

As most of you probably know they are making another Rocky movie called “Rocky Balboa”. I know that Adrienne is dead and Rocky makes his return to the ring to fight some new hot shot boxer. Anyway I’m thinking at the end of the movie they have to have Rocky die in the ring or as a result of the fight don’t they? I gotta saw Rocky has to die.

You can check out stuff here for info from the filming. Yes the T is making an appearance as a commentator from what I've read about the movie so far.