Random Ramblings

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hey there

--Pretty decent weekend over all nothing terrible happened. Went to a soccer coaching thing on Saturday morning and a football draft on Saturday afternoon. V2 wanted to rent Glory Road about the Texas Western basketball team, it was pretty decent. Soccer is starting on Tuesday and the first dame is on the 9th.
--Got a haircut this weekend for soccer and stuff. It seems a lot shorter than usual.

Question: Why is it when you bite the inside of your mouth you are more likely to bite it in the exact same place over the next couple days? I just bit the inside of my mouth in the same spot for the second time in as many days, ouch.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend rewind...No I'm not calling this Snakes on a Blog

Well its been a while and I actually did some stuff this weekend so here it goes. Friday I picked up 2 and went to Gurnee Mills. I was looking to get some blue Chucks but couldn’t find any and v2 wanted some stuff at the Disney store.
Saturday was the big American Idol concert at Allstate, I also got a pair of new pants for work….I know you care. Anyway there were six of us jammed in the car: me, v2, my mom, v2 moms, and my two nieces. We had three sets of two tickets and one pair was across the way from the other two pairs. I sat in the seats on the opposite side and was entertained the entire time by this guy behind us. The guy was probably at least 60 years old and walked with a cane. Every time one of the female singers would come on stage he would yell something like, “Bwaaaah shake it Paris!” or “Bwaaaah move it Kellie!” Every time he did it he was getting so “excited”, if you know what I’m saying, I think the “bwaaaah” made whatever he said after it seem not too bad. It was all very strange as this guy was old enough to be the grandfather of all these ladies that he was yelling at. All in all it was a little older crowd then I expected but there still were a lot of teenagers who did their best Beatle screams for whoever their favorite Idol was. Then on the way home we had to stop at the Oasis cause I had to take a leak and I was master of the claw machine and got Care Bears for V2 moms and the two nieces. Well technically I sort of borrowed one of the Care Bears but that doesn’t matter right now. The first one I got for v2 mom I jumped up and yelled and basically made a scene in a otherwise empty oasis. I jumped up and it looked like a scene from the last out in the World Series. Everyone went home a winner.
Sunday I did my usual stuff and then went to the highly anticipated Snakes on a Plane. Looking at it for what it was for it delivered. Totally goofy and made me laugh quite a bit. There were a few people that got bitten by snakes on parts of their bodies that made it R worthy. Samuel L Jackson was Samuel L Jackson in the movie and I was hoping he was going to throw some Jules lines in there but it didn’t happen. I still recommend it if you want to just see something that obviously isn’t too deep. A lot of the snakes, actually most of them, seemed CGI even though I read they used like 500 real ones on the movie. One of the minor highlights was seeing a little dog get eaten by a boa constrictor. Added bonus saw the trailer for the Tenacious D movie before SoaP. Well I guess that is about all for now, stay classy.

Oh almost forgot. Saturday before we took off for Allstate lucha was on Univision and it was on once the nieces got there. One of them asked, “Why do they have chairs underneath the ring?” v2 says, “They have them there to sit on and to hit people with.” Even though he’s never seen any WWE programming in his life I think he has a better grasp on sports entertainment than the current writers. V2 should be booking WWE right now. V2 and I will be taking in the goodness of ROH this weekend. ROH is pretty kid safe since they are done with the stupid angle with CZW now apparently.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shaq in China--Shaquille O'Neal visits the Great Wall of China on Aug. 15. O'Neal is on a trip to China to promote a Chinese sports brand.
(Getty Images/China Photos)

You know he busted out some Shaq-Fu when he was over there. He was probably like a Shaq knife and cut them with precision.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

She delivers another gem....

My mom recently has a gift for delivering some real gems. This is the second one she has delivered in as many weeks. The first I can't really address here since its a little too much for some eyes. Anyway last night I was watching the Saints/Titans pre-season game to see Reggie Bush (he's the real deal) and they introduced the starting lineups. Tennesee has a defensive back named Pacman Jones. She turns to me and says, " I wonder if that's his real name?" I wish I was kidding.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

This could be....

no it is, officially the coolest thing ever to happen on the internet.